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Thread: anti super/flying sidekick team

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    anti super/flying sidekick team

    Just played a friendly game against the infamous flying team and I picked a team of my few favorite characters. But three of those really clicked and I think it could be a really good team. Those cards were: Human Torch-Playing with fire, Iceman-Mister Friese and Punisher - Big Nothing. The idea is get torch out and then field iceman for a couple blockers yet when you field they become stronger as well. Then you can get more of those or start stocking up on punisher who can clear their board .What do you think? Who would you add?
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    What BACs were you using, sir? Or, did you use any?

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    Hulk Green Goliath is my first thought (My favorite character in the game.) If we are using all sets, then YGO's rare Slifer provides the best Hulk-trigger in the game. The global lets you pay one bolt, deal one damage to a target monster (or character). Even if they are pumping up their sidekicks, I'd be surprised if they have enough buffs in place to withstand 2 Hulk sweeps. Other than Green Goliath, I like anything that can force an opposing character to attack. Force the characters that give the buffs to attack, and then you can deal with an army of normal strength Sidekicks.

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