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Thread: Vassal Dice Masters: Marvel Age of Ultron

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    Vassal Dice Masters: Marvel Age of Ultron

    The Vassal Module Extension for the Age of Ultron Set has been updated to include scans for every card and dice. Big Thank you to the Dice Anon team for graciously providing us these scans. Since numerous scans are less than ideal, there will be another release after the set comes out with improved graphics,(i.e. I can get my hands on actual cards).

    Link to the Vassal Dice Masters Modules site

    Direct link to the File Download

    To Install, if you downloaded the Dice Masters 3.0 Complete, just copy this file across the top of the old DiceMastersAgeofUltron.vmod. IF you haven't downloaded 3.0 Complete or are using 2.5.2, then you will need to download the file to a known location. Open Vassal, then right click on your Module for Dice Masters and Add Extension, browse to the DiceMastersAgeofUltron.vmod and select the file and press OK.

    The new cards should be Under Marvel, then AoU Cards/ AoU Dice. This extension will only work with versions 2.5.2 and 3.0.

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    Thanks again @Wargfn for Vassal, I do love it. Plus your repping the 704! (I used to live near Charlotte. Still in NC though)

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