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Thread: Pandora's Box: Trinity War [OP Basic Action]

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    Pandora's Box: Trinity War [OP Basic Action]

    When your characters are blocking or are blocked by Villains those dice get +1A and +1D until the end of turn.

    This lovely OP card comes with a catch. It appears to need an errata. The effect specifically states is valid during the opponent's turn. So, this card is either CONTINUOUS or it is active when UNFIELDED. If it is continuous, is it a one shot to activate the until end of turn? If its effect doesn't require fielding than it is a lot stronger than it looks.

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    This card appears to written with a currently impossible situation in mind. However, it does not mean you won't be able to play it using some other game mechanic in the future. As for now it doesn't say you can play it at any different time, it just says IF you end up being able to play it on your opponent's turn you may get x effect. Someday, we may be able to do that.

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    Yep, I agree with @Shadowmeld on this.

    The card does not need errata it just references a game state that cannot be reached using the current ability pool.

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    I suppose it needs errata if the intent is that it doesn't go to the used pile until the end of your opponents turn. If that isn't the intent, it is fine as written.

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    In my turn , my characters dice recieve +1/+1 if are blocked by Villains dice. I can use the Global more times, to make a sidekick or a Superman, Villain to gain the bonus. Is correct?
    The only that sounds out of my turn is ......."When your characters are Blocking"

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