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    Solomon Sticky

    I ordered a few things from CSI and, while putting things in their place, I noticed the die from the rare Solomon Grundy I got was sticky on all sides. My first thought was Ewww, followed by the checking of my hands (clean as I had literally washed them right before opening the package). Next thing I thought was these were supposed to be new, and then maybe the person packing the dice was a little sloppy - but none of the other dice seemed to have the sticky residue on them. I then noticed that the die was slightly smaller than all the rest, so I decided to check all my spares as well. All are smaller, and all had traces of sticky residue on them. I just checked my box with my primary dice and they are all in the same state as well. The only other die in the DC set with a size discrepancy is Captain Cold (same size as Grundy), but none of his dice were affected.

    Easy enough to clean, although the center of the single shield seems the toughest area to do so (and the most noticeable spot for sticky residue to collect dust, etc.) The dice were bought over several different retail stores, plus this recent one online, and there's about 10 dice in my possession that are affected. Seems the size of the die allowed for some manufacturing oil/grease to remain after casting. Anyone else have Solomon Sticky dice?

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    Yes, a number of the dice in the DC set had this issue. Solomon Grundy does seem to be the worst offender though.

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    There's a great joke that can be made here about why Solomon Grundy wants pants.

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