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Thread: Can't see sidekick die in Vassal

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    Can't see sidekick die in Vassal

    So a buddy and I got Vassal up and running tonight for the first time. We can see everything except we can't see each other's sidekick die. Any other purchasable die shows up just fine, but the sidekicks are only visible to the person playing.

    I've scoured google and several forums and don't see anyone reporting this issue. Has anyone encountered this before? Any known solutions? We both downloaded the latest DiceMaster .mod from the Vassal support page with all of the extensions.


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    You are the first person to report that you are unable to see Sidekick dice. Did you pull them from the stack on the main window map or were you looking for them in the game pieces area?

    Second Shoot me a PM, and we will work out a time for me to check it out. I have a hidden extension that has duplicate pieces for Action and Sidekick dice, other than the ones that start in the bag or on the board.

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    I have found a quick fix for this is to do one of two things. 1) check you and your opponent are using the same version of all modules and extensions. 2) Synch with your opponent and if that doesn't work, have them synch with you.

    After those steps, i have almost always had the issue resolve. One reason i found why that works is sometimes players log in as the same player #. For example, if you're both Player 2, you can get only half the data sometimes.

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