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    ...on legs

    A 'card on legs' is a character*which possesses the same ability as an Action Card or Global Ability*which preceded it. For example, Dean Leyland played a "Millennium Puzzle on legs" by playing Solomon Grundy to achieve the same results as playing Millennium Puzzle, while gaining a "body" in addition.

    When I am building my teams, I always find myself wishing globals and/or actions where the abilities of characters(for the stated reason). (I admit, even though I have been taking this approach for a while, I totally missed the Grundy!) The problem I am finding, is that with how readily accessible and inexpensive globals are, it just seems like the correct call is to just insert the card with the global.

    Are there any other "(insert effect) on legs" out there, and should we be looking harder to find these? Do you think this is something that we will see more of (and less globals) in the future?

    another example:
    Zatanna is a "resurrection global on legs"

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    pxg it's one of the most prominent abilities in the game, and yet time wizard gets no love...

    It's PXG with legs!

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    SR Black Canary is sort of a "Relentless global on legs"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy View Post
    SR Black Canary is sort of a "Relentless global on legs"
    Yes, but having to pay the defeats the purpose of running the character over the global. I want the games most desirable globals for free, when paying to field the character.

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    Ok. I though you also wanted it so your opponent didn't have access to it. Common UXM Spidey does the same thing when he attacks without paying energy.

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    I retract my response @Randy
    She it's a great example. gives you access to relentless, freeing up a BAC slot, and leaves behind a body.

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    Spiderman - Webslinger too! Love this card.

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    The Atom and Kang both have a self distraction when blocked.

    Zombie and Vixen effectively have the Smash global.

    Obviously Toad gives you the Phoenix/Mr. Fantastic globals.

    Zatanna and many others have the Resurrection/Silver Surfer globals.

    Wolverine, Marvel Girl, Green Dragon, Blade Knight, Black Widow, and Green Arrow all have the Venom global.

    Storm effectively has the Magneto global.

    Deadpool has a modified version of the Ulton, Cable, and Goblin Attack Force globals.

    The AoU Captain America has a while active version of the Human Paladin global.

    Quicksilver has the Carrion Crawler global (and the Carrion Crawler has an even better version of it).

    Lord of D. has a permanent Doomcaliber Knight global.

    Booster Gold has a weaker version of the BEWD global.

    Half Dragon has a version of the Lord of D global.

    Captain America is better than the Casualties global.

    Those are all the ones that jump out at me. There's a bunch, but a lot of them are fairly situational, so keep an eye out for that when you're considering these guys.

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