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Thread: Have you had any runs of great pack luck?

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    Have you had any runs of great pack luck?

    Months ago, I bought 10 packs of UXM at WalMart. I opened a SR Iron Man and Scarlet Witch.

    This week, I bought 3 packs of YuGiOh, 15 packs of UXM and 10 packs of JL. I cracked a SR Scarlet Witch, Emma Frost and Constantine.

    We all LOVE those times we go on a tear cracking insanely good stuff. Tell me your story of good luck opening packs!

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    I've been randomly grabbing 2 packs of YGO for the past couple weeks from different grocery stores I go to that carry DM. I've bought maybe 20-30 packs, at most.

    I have 3 of the 4 Super-Rares.

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    My very first boosters I opened were fantastic. I bought 25 packs (from two different boxes), and got a Gobby and a Tsarina.

    I have yet to duplicate that good fortune.

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    I pulled two Constantines, A Catwoman and a Flash in the first weekend. I have somehow pulled 4 Hellblazers, 2 Black Canaries, 1 catwoman and a flash in the first month of DC.

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    My son pulls all the SRs we have gotten. I just let him open all the packs now-I think it is his favorite part of the game

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    I won a draft, decided to go AVX for pack prizes, and pulled Tsarina. This is awesome on it's own, but this was the THIRD Tsarina that I've pulled.

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    I was really hoping to get a SR Stirge, and pulled one from a handful of packs at Origins in the vendor hall this year. Didn't know I had him until I got home and we opened them-bonus awesomeness!

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    One of the stores I have played at I have played two drafts. In each draft I got "the best" SR in each of the sets, Constantine and Iron Man.

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    I think I have horrible luck...out of 2 gravity feeds (180 packs) I got SR Scarlett Witch (meh) and SR The Flash (boooooo).

    In comparison, my friend got Gobby and Tsarina out of his 60 pack AVX gravity feed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaladin View Post
    I think that's my favorite part of the game too, in all honesty. There's something very satisfying about cracking packs.
    Agreed. I love doing it, but I almost love watching my kids be able to just as much! The anticipation when those characters that have a SR show up in the dice is great. Makes me feel like I am watching Charlie open up a Wonka bar!

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    I've had two nights of awesome luck so far with super rares. A while back i decided to start buying Yu-Gi-Oh and pulled a Thousand Dragon and a Winged Dragon of Ra within the first 15 packs. Then tonight our store had a D&D draft, I pulled a Mind Flayer in the draft and bought 7 packs of UXM. Those had an Iron Man and a Scarlet Witch in them.

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    I grabbed 15 packs of YGO yesterday. First pack, top card was Slifer SR. First time I pulled a SR from buying loose packs, only ever got them from whole feeds before and one from a collector's box. I hope this is the start of streak of pack luck.

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    This is the opposite of good luck
    I have brought 90 packs (not at once but over the last month) and I have only pulled 5 rares and no super rares

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    I already rambled enough about my recent run of good packs, but I'll just post that in 13 packs I pulled these:
    and 3 other rares... LOL.

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    My son pulled and last night out of 12 packs.

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    Bought 2 packs last week of YGO and pulled a jinzo Trap Destroyer.

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    My best luck would have probably been nabbing a second constantine out of ten packs after winning a locals, but my favourite has to be buying out the last 10 packs of UXM at my flgs because I badly needed a rare psylocke for my nationals team, and actually pulled it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jar_99 View Post
    Bought 2 packs last week of YGO and pulled a jinzo Trap Destroyer.
    I was trying for Jinzo or BEWD.

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    My best Luck was to buy my ever first bought packs , 3 from D&D and i pulled the Red Dragon Super Rare and Uncommon.

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    I had a nice run of luck with AoU. My feed had Gladiator and Captain Universe. Two days after release I bought about 10 packs and pulled a Magneto. A week later I bought packs on two different days and pulled a Groot on one day and another Magneto on the second.

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    The only time I get anything good is when I buy 30 or more packs at one time. Anything less means I get duplicates of commons and uncommons I don't need. Or the same three or four terrible rares.

    And, I'm pretty sure uncommon Kang- Rama Tut is actively avoiding me. How in the world can one person open 200+ packs and not pull a single uncommon Kang?

    Edit to add: I bought 10 packs last night at my FLGS. Nothing but commons and uncommons.
    First world gamer problems.

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    First 6 boosters I bought were for AVX & included Canucklehead (never pulled another AVX SR- including from a sealed feed). Still keep buying AVX every time I find them hoping for Gobby or Tsarina...

    First 6 boosters I bought for AoU included SR Thanos (I then got a feed & it had SR Thanos & Jocasta).

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    When AvX first dropped an nobody could find it, I pulled Tsarina, Gobby, and Canucklehead out of 50 loose packs from a few different stores.

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