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Thread: Common Global Ability Timing

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    Common Global Ability Timing

    1. Clear and Draw
    2. Roll and Reroll
    3. Main Step

      Relentless: Activate as the active player before you pass priority.

    4. Active player pass priority

      (PXG) Professor X: Activate now as the inactive player now to ensure the attack phase is not skipped causing the opportunity to be lost.

      Mr. Fantastic, Phoenix: Same as above however using this Global forces an attack phase after which a second global phase is assured. This allows more masks to be saved to threaten Distraction while still maximizing PXG.

      • If the active player does not attack, the turn immediately ends (neither player can use Global Abilities)

    5. Declare Attackers

      • Both players can use reactive Global Abilities whenever appropriate. All other Global Abilities can be used after blockers are declared.

    6. Declare Blockers

      Distraction: Activate after blockers have been assigned. The defending player can target unblocked characters to reduce damage. The attacking player can use this to remove important characters from combat or keep them from going to used if they were forced to attack.

      Ant-Man, Invulnerability, Enrage: Active player activate targeting an unblocked character to deal additional damage. Inactive player, activate targeting a character who blocked to increase their attack to knock them out.

      (PXG) Professor X: Inactive player with masks that were saved for Distraction but not used.

    7. Assign Damage
    8. Cleanup Step
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    This is good stuff - I remember you posting about this on Facebook (or at least, I think I remember that). Great referral especially for new players, but helpful for oldies, too.

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    Yup, similar to the Facebook post only highly distilled for rapid consumption.

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