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Thread: I've been playing Ant-Man's global incorrectly, haven't I?

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    I've been playing Ant-Man's global incorrectly, haven't I?

    I was reading the Age of Ultron spoiler at DiceAnon ( when I saw "Keep in mind that since this is a “while active” ability, Ant-Man can’t flip the stats from Groot."

    So do I have that right? Take Cover doesn't combo with Ant-Man? Or anything that modifies D?

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    No, he totally does affect Take Cover. However, he doesn't switch stats that are provided by a persistent benefit such as Groot.

    It's not something that comes up very often since most times persistent bonuses are equal such as Stargirl or Green Goblin buffing Sidekicks, but there is in fact a difference. For instance, Captain America - Sentinel of Liberty gives all your sidekicks +2 attack. If you used the Ant-Man global on one of those sidekicks, it would remain a 3/1 character because the +2 attack is persistently applied. On the other hand, when you use Take Cover, you're not activating a persistent effect, but giving your field a momentary boost. That boost can be flipped using the Ant-Man global, so you've almost certainly been using the global properly in most situations.

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    Another way to think about it is like this:

    There are two types of "bonuses": Static and Continuous. Static effects are applied once at a specific time. They usually last until the end of the turn. These are things like "Target character gets +3A" or "X gets +1A for each Sidekick in the field". These effects can be swapped with Ant-Man's Global.

    Continuous bonuses are typically "While Active" abilities. They remain as long as the character remains on the field, and the stat cannot be flipped with Ant-Man's global. These are things like "While Active, your Sidekicks get +1A/+1D" or "While Active, all non-Fist characters get -2D".

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    Ah, I see! That makes sense. Thanks guys.

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