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Thread: Isle of Gamers, Santa Clara CA, 6/17/15, D&D Constructed, 6 players, 1st (3-0)

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    Isle of Gamers, Santa Clara CA, 6/17/15, D&D Constructed, 6 players, 1st (3-0)

    This deck went 3-0, although by all rights I should have lost the second match.

    Kobolds gave some early game ramp and churn until opposing characters showed up, after which I took them out of my field to prevent them giving easy experience from MM, although I totally forgot about the +1/+1 for opposing good characters, which would have kept them safe from the MM global.

    I went heavy on buying CoC and MM via Red Dragon global and getting Minsc and Boo out as soon as possible. That generally kept opposing characters out of action and gave me time to bring in the dragons and/or the other adventurers, based on what I was facing.

    Minsc & Boo was kind of overpowered, but I was also lucky to roll him on level 3 in two games and level 2 in the other.

    In retrospect, I would have been better off replacing the Elf Wizard with a different adventurer, as her fielded ability was redundant with the Red Dragon global. Unicorn was superflous.

    I would also go with the Greater Gear version of Magic Helmet instead; the Lesser version just doesn't work well with Minsc & Boo.

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    I think that D&D Constructed is a rich and largely unexplored environment. What was the most effective deck other than yours that you saw?

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    I love me some D&D-only Constructed.

    However, Minsc and Boo overshadows everything.

    Which is a shame.

    Hopefully the second D&D set will bring them down a peg or two.

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