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Thread: TZ android app updated

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    TZ android app updated

    *Update 6/19/2015*


    -Full Age of Ultron set added
    -Randomizer added to team builder - it will create a number of random teams you specify, each with a number of cards you specify. You can limit it to one or more universe of cards and have it pick basic actions for you.
    -Search menu was redesigned for ease of use
    -Search by affiliation added, just select each image you want to search for.
    Team randomizer works nicely

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    My version of the app was still labelled as Dice Masters Companion and never updated. I deleted it and re-installed, and now it's beautiful. If any Android user hasn't taken 2 minutes to grab this program, you are missing out.

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    I was just telling other TRP users about this yesterday! Been using the app a while and it keeps getting better. Keep up the awesome work!

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    The team randomizer gave me common Vixen. Otherwise, this may be my new favourite app.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJRETRO View Post
    The team randomizer gave me common Vixen. Because of that, this may be my new favourite app.
    I fixed your quote.

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    I love the randomizer. Now I can do a sort of draft with a friend without having to take out all my cards and mixing them up.

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    This is a rather old thread, but... are there any plans to export/import a CSV file or anything so I can sync between devices or keep a backup of my (very detailed) collection stats.

    Also, speaking of stats: I would love a simple output page that shows the number of cards/dice owned in my collection. I like numbers, so it would be even more fun if it could break it down by set and rarity. This might be a more challenging thing to implement, I do not know. But I would absolutely love it.

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