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Thread: X-Men: Mutant Revolution Board Game

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    X-Men: Mutant Revolution Board Game

    Randy alerted me to this. Check it out here. And here.

    Count me in - X-Men plus a board game? YEP. I've never played Spartacus but I don't care.

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    Agree 100%. And we can complain all we want about Wizkids track records with getting thing sout, but I think they have had an excellent history with staying true to the characters in their various games. I'm pretty excited for this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRPRandy View Post
    but I think they have had an excellent history with staying true to the characters in their various games.
    Yep. Say what you want about distro and such, but WK really tries to make characters in their games act like their comic counterparts. Fans may not always agree with the game attributes (too slow, too weak, too fast, too strong) but you can tell that the WK designers are fans.

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    DUDE! check out this info.

    "Marvel's most celebrated super-hero team takes center stage in the newest strategy game from WizKids Games - X-Men: Mutant Revolution Board Game! Play as Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, or Storm, each with unique powers and abilities! Recruit heroes and students and train your team. The X-Men: Mutant Revolution Board Game includes 4 character miniatures featuring SwitchClix technology; each character can be used in the X-Men: Mutant Revolution Board Game and in HeroClix tabletop games! "

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    Too good! If we play Randy, I get Cyclops. What? No you didn't hear me: I. Get. CYCLOPS.

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    Here's a video review of Spartacus, the game that this X-Men game is said to be drawing heavily from. ( If they just give this a reskin with the X-Men, I'm going to be so pumped. Add in the 'clix mechanic to combat, and this could really be an excellent game.

    -side note- It looks like in this review that you just have a generic gladiator miniature to represent whoever you send in to battle. If that's the case with the X-Men game, meaning that whoever the Cyclops team send in to battle is represented by the Cyclops miniature, then I WILL be digging out some old clix to make new miniatures to battle with as specific characters.

    It looks like this is the kind of game that it would be very easy to put out expansions for. Just get a new team leader, some new heros and students cards, a new miniature and you're good to go. Make an "X-Force" expansion, with Cable as the team leader, and new characters Domino, Shatterstar, Boom-Boom, Dr. Nemesis.... sigh... i'm getting ahead of myself.

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    This came out this week. Looking to pick it up tomorrow. Would anyone be interested if I wrote up a review?

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    I definitely would. It might be worth picking up, but with all the money I spent on DM, I can't afford to gamble.

    Your review would help me decide!

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    YES. YES. Randy, I already love you but if that was in question, a review would catapult you into legendary status!

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