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Thread: Common Combos?

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    Common Combos?

    Our FLGS is going to be hosting an all-commons event in a few weeks. What are some of everyone's favorite common combos (c'monbos?) that they either like to use, or like to guard against? Any cards with grey stripes from any (released) set can be used... so what should I think about using or be on the lookout for?

    By the way, if it helps, we are calling the event "Thrifty Shades of Gray". I'm particularly proud of that name.

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    Two really strong combos are Storm (3/5-cost) and Cerebro or Firestorm and Cheetah. You're bound to see some Beast and Black Manta. You may even consider running Captain America - Special Ops alongside Iron Man - Upright or Lantern Power Ring for some tricky removal.

    Finally, a tricky combo that you won't see many think of is Stirge and Captain America - Star-Spangled Avenger. If you can clear out any Beasts and Black Mantas, you should have a direct line in with Stirge. Using Polymorph, you can swap that Stirge for anything nasty in your used pile after blockers were declared, assuring you get through (Curse of Dragon is a good candidate).

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    Storm and Cerebro... that's a nice idea. I was thinking of running an all team, so that would fit in for character removal very nicely. Thank you, don't know why that didn't occur to me before.

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