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    Anyone read comics on a regular basis? What comics? My current pull list: Amazing X-Men, Daredevil, Cyclops, Nova, Uncanny X-Men, X-Force, Mega Man, Godzilla Rulers of Earth, Alice Cooper, Abigail and the Snowman, and Rai. I'm also currently pulling all title in the Marvel Black Vortex crossover series.

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    Due to some financial concerns, I have greatly decreased my comic consumption, unfortunately. I usually just wait and then get my hands on the TPs for the storylines that are interesting to me.

    However, I am picking up Cyclops and Star Wars.

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    Admittedly, my pull list needs to shrink. Probably going to drop Alice Cooper soon. X-Force and Godzilla Rulers of Earth are both coming to an end. I'm just getting Amazing X-Men for the current "Return of the Once and Future Juggernaut" story. but I trade wait as well... currently getting Saga in trades, and I will be picking up Spider-Verse when that's collected in a trade.

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    I will buy no more comics until Booster Gold has a series again.

    Though he's supposed to be in Justice League 3000 starting with #12 so I guess I'll be getting back into the game...

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    That's how I feel about a lesser known Marvel team from the late 90s, the Slingers. I will drop anything I'm currently buying if there's even a mention of a Slingers character. My avatar is Slingers member Ricochet.

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    Randy, I'm pretty sure Ricochet was in the last Amazing Spider Man set for 'Clix. That set also included Marvel's monsters as well - Dracula, Mummy, Wolfman, etc. That was a cool set.

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    He was.... kinda. Ok, ridiculous history lesson. There was a Spider-Man event called "Identity Crisis" in which Spidey had to adopt new superhero personas to clear his name. Ricochet, Prodigy, Dusk, and Hornet were these 4 new alter egos. After He cleared his name, he cast these identities aside, and returned to being the amazing Spider-Man. About a year later, a series called "Slingers" followed 4 college students who were given these identities. The biggest change is that the new Dusk is a girl, and that's how you can tell that the 4 'clix are based on the Peter Parker versions, since that Dusk is obviously a guy.

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    There ya go. I know Ricochet was one of the chase figures because I had him/her/Spidey-disguised-as-Ricochet.

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    "had"... as in got rid of? I have a Slingers collection growing of all of their appearances and cards and commissioned sketches and what not.... if you still have the Ricochet clix (or Prodigy, Hornet, or Dusk) I'd gladly take them off your hands. that this thread has been hijacked

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    Hahaha - yeah, I think I sold them to CoolStuff when I was getting into Dice Masters. But I'll die around and maybe I can send you a care package from that set.

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    I started at Avengers Disassembled and have read my way up the 616 to House of M. I think I am going to skip to Civil War and come back to it after movies tho. I've been a DC kid until about a year ago nix X-Men which I've loved since the '90s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walsh View Post
    I started at Avengers Disassembled.
    Disassembled was one of the first stories I read after I got back in to comics post high school. I liked it and the New Avengers series that followed. I think my favorite part of Disassembled was the Spider-Man tie in. That was my first exposure to art by Humberto Ramos, and I've been on his bandwagon ever since.

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    *queue X-Men theme song* duna duna dun, dun dun

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