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    I have my cards listed by set and card number that are on the cards(not the checklists) so you can identify the correct cards. My priority cards would be the gaps in my D&D Faerun Under Siege collection(after I draft it) and then the YuGiOh rares. Not really worried about getting the super rares.
    Location: Rincon, GA 31326

    Card for Trade:
    Common & Uncommon:
    Most all for trade

    YGO099 Saggi
    BFF102 Elf Wizard
    JL110 Blue Beetle
    JL124 Lantern Power Ring
    AOU131 Star-Lord
    WOL112 Dex-Starr
    WOL113 Fatality
    WOL114 The Flash
    WOL124 Mongul
    WOL126 Ranx
    WOL131 Superboy Prime 2
    WOL133 Warth
    ASM108 Aunt May
    ASM109 Black Widow
    ASM110 Blade
    ASM118 Gladiator
    ASM124 Kraven the Hunter
    ASM129 Rhino
    ASM133 Web Shooters

    AVX05 Collateral Damage 3
    UXM01 Magneto
    UXM04 Sentinel 6
    UXM07 Marvel Girl 2
    AOU01 Alt Art Ant-Man 2
    BFF04 Halfling Thief 2
    BFF07 Zombie
    JL03 House of Mystery 3
    WOL01 Robin 2
    MTI02 Nova 4

    Cards/Die I am looking for:


    YGO072 Black Luster Soldier
    YGO103 Thousand Dragon
    ASM114 Daredevil

    BFF Mummy
    BFF Gelatinous Cube
    BFF Half-Dragon
    BFF Skeleton
    ASM Luke Cage
    ASM Gwen Stacy
    ASM Mary Jane
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    Out of which cards would you be willing to trade for the Super Rare Wolverine and Black Widow? I have most of the cards you're looking for but they arent really in the same price range.

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