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Thread: jevansfp's Trade List

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    jevansfp's Trade List

    I prefer to trade rarity for rarity, but I am open to other proposals. I also have extras of most every C/UC and extra dice if needed. I am in the US and will ship to the US and Canada. Send me a PM with trade requests.


    House of Mystery - Trinity War
    Pandora's Box - Trinity War
    Beast - Nefarious Geneticist
    Phoenix Force - Force of Nature
    Collateral Damage - BAC (AvX OP)
    Hawkeye - Avengers Disassembled
    Sentinel - Omega
    Apocalypse - Earth 295
    Marvel Girl - Humanity
    Takedown - BAC (AvX OP)
    Drow Assassin - Minion Humanoid

    Super Rares
    Tarrasque - Epic Aberration

    Lex Luthor - Billionaire Industrialist
    Katana - Soultaker Sword
    Black Canary - Canary Cry
    Unicorn - Paragon Beast
    Half-Dragon - Paragon Humanoid
    Orc - Paragon Humanoid
    Owlbear - Paragon Beast
    Blade Knight - Last Man Standing (with die)
    Loki's Scepter - Piercing
    Bucky - Soldier
    Phil Coulson - Expert Recruiter
    Harpie Lady - Flurry of Feathers
    Harpie Lady Sisters - Trio of Terror
    Flame Swordsman - Salamandra Flamestrike
    Baron Zemo - Thunderbolt
    Moondragon - Daughter of the Destroyer
    Sangan - Sacrificial Fiend
    Baby Dragon - Cute but Dangerous

    Millennium Puzzle - The Eternal Dungeon (with die)


    Colossus - Phoenix Force
    Spider-Man - The Amazing
    Thor - The Mighty
    Wolverine - Walking his Own Path

    Black Widow - Tsarina
    Mr. Fantastic - Elastic
    Wolverine - Canucklehead
    Iron Man - Industrialist
    Spider-Man - Superhero
    Black Canary - Dinah Laurel Lance
    Catwoman - Nine Lives
    Stirge - Epic Beast
    Electro - Cooked Meat
    Gladiator - Intergalactic Terror
    Groot - We Are Groot
    Thanos - Infinite
    Slifer the Sky Dragon - Thunderforce Attack
    Thousand Dragon - Noxious Vapor Gust
    The Winged Dragon of Ra - Blaze Cannon

    Mr. Fantastic - The Invincible Man
    Celtic Guardian - Silverblade Slash
    Mystical Elf - Protector
    Saggi the Dark Clown - Dark Slayer
    The Winged Dragon of Ra - The Most Powerful Egyptian God
    Trap Hole - Wide

    Morphing Jar - All-Seeing Eye
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    Afte multiple trades here and on Dice Masters Traders FB group, This is my updated list, with new wants and haves.

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    Sorry - Katana is gone

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    Oops. It just fell out. I have the Katana and will save it for you. Sending you a PM

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    Updated with AoU and OP wants

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    Edited with AoU and YGO haves

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    Updated after trades. Now with Yu-Gi-Oh! wants

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