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Thread: Wanted: Card lists.

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    Wanted: Card lists.

    Does anyone know where I can find card lists, for all of the sets, online, ideally in an excel friendly format?

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    It has all the cards including AoU with a variety of searching parameters, but I'm not sure how well it jives with Excel.

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    Comparability with Excel is most important - for my needs, if I have to type in all the card names myself, I can do that from my collection - I'm just hoping to find something that will save me some time.

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    Something that worked for me when I was trying to just get names for our little cup list is use team builder of .

    I filtered as I wanted, then, using the list on the left side, I SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY highlighted the names and subtitles of the entire list.

    For the commons list the format was created with title line break, indent and subtitle. However, with no filter you will likely have multiple subtitles in a row.

    Not sure if this will help.

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    I think there are a few on BGG, one that used to have a full list if I remember right, just not sure which section it was in ( don't think it was in the General section though, probably under one of the set specific forums).

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    I messaged you with a link to a fully built excel list. Hope that's what you need. Enjoy!

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