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Thread: Mr.rau trade list

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    Mr.rau's trade/ sell list now through WOL

    My haves and My Wants,

    ill be happy to sell any or all of the card with or with out dice i have, im up for all offers

    What I have

    Yugioh rares
    Summoned skull x2
    Time wizard x2
    Curse of dragon
    Dark Magician
    Doomcaliber Knight
    Flame Swordsman
    Goblin attack force
    La Jinn tmgl
    Injection fairy lily x2

    D&D Rares
    Drow Assassin
    Elf Wizard
    Owlbear x2

    DC Justice league
    The Atom
    Black Manta
    Captain Cold
    Lantern Power Ring

    Marvel Uncanny & AVX
    Dr. Strange
    Captain America superhero x2
    Black Panther diversion
    Iron Man superhero x2
    Marvel Girl Telepath
    Falcon Airstrike
    Mystique alias:you
    Sabertooth superpowered
    Sentinel robot
    She-Hulk Superhero
    Spider Man spider sense
    Profesor X Trainer

    AoU Rares
    Nick Fury
    Red Skull
    Captain Marvel
    Rocket raccoon
    Ultron Drone
    Wonder man

    [B]DC War of Light[/B
    Mogo Doesn't socialize
    Atrocitus bloody leader
    Raven Full art

    OP Cards
    House of Mystery
    The Outsider
    Wonder Women trinity war x2

    What I'm looking for
    Lantern Battery: Power Source
    Jade: Empowered by the Starheart
    Carol Ferris: True Love
    Lyssa Drak: Fear of the Unknown
    Green Lantern Brightest day
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    You didn't list UC YGO cards that you have, but I am guessing that you might have a few. I am willing to trade my Johnny Storm (no die) + my DD Nemesis (+die if you want it) for either your Rare Goblin Attack Force + matching die OR UC Goblin Attack Force + UC Harpie Lady Sisters + matching dice for each.

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    I have extras of:

    Magneto - Sonderkommando
    Green Goblin - Norman Osborn
    Angel - Soaring
    Apocalypse - Earth-295
    Beast - Nefarious Geneticist

    Looking at the lowest BIN on eBay, your Flash goes for $25.00. Lowest BIN for my Magneto is $4.99 Green Goblin is $5.49, Angel is $5.99, Apocalypse is $6.99 and Beast is $2.50 for a total of $25.96. That seems equivalent to me. Any interest in that trade?

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    This item arrived today in great condition! Thanks Mr.Rau!

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    I'd like to get your Rare (81) Doom Caliber Knight w/Die and Rare (84) Goblin Attack Force w/Die. I have the Constantine, but you really looking for common? I have a post with what i have for trade if you want to take a look at it.

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    I am looking for the Captain Universe SR and the Electro (you mentioned you have in another thread). I have the Green Lantern and the Phil Coulson you need as well as several extra SRs from various sets. Think we could work out a deal? Those are the last two AoU supers I need. I also have a full-art Beast that I could be persuaded to part with.

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    PM sent with offer for your Jinzo

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