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Thread: So... Emma Frost is pretty underwhelming :(

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    So... Emma Frost is pretty underwhelming :(

    Is there any version that's at all possibly competitive? I know I'm new, but I can't see putting her on any teams that I was really trying to win with.

    Hopefully they'll bring better versions in the future, at least.

    Anyone find a good use?

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    The OP is decent with the current meta that is out there. It can counter hulk, kobolds and wolverine. Also with an ant-man team she's not terrible stat wise either.

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    Some have considered using her where fists (Green Goliath, Wolverine FWX, etc) are strong in their local.

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    I don't think I've ever actually seen Emma Frost played. Granted I've only been playing for about 5 weeks, but still that's over a month of no Emma Frost.

    But, like Dave said, she would wreck my team who is fairly dependent on Hulk - Green Goliath to clear the board.

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    Its the same for the Flash Super rare. That card is terrible. The conditions are just terrible for the outcome. Nothing can be in your field and then you can attack for the unblockable. That just leaves you in a big state for your opponent to do big damage towards you.

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    I have nothing to add other than I found this humerous:

    Name:  PrettyEmma.jpg
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    It was the first thing I noticed too. I mean, she IS pretty. So is her die.

    RE: Flash - It's too hard to make him good, yeah. No "while active" bonuses or anything can work because nothing else can be active.

    OP Emma works really well against fist teams. It's easy removal for anything that sits there and messes with your day, like either of the big Hulks, FWX, Manta, what have you. But that's a pretty specific niche to fill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pk2317 View Post
    I have nothing to add other than I found this humerous:

    Name:  PrettyEmma.jpg
Views: 175
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    Particularly funny given events 'elsewhere' just recently.

    (which I will say no more about here)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scorpion0x17 View Post
    Particularly funny given events 'elsewhere' just recently.

    (which I will say no more about here)
    To be fair, it could have just as easily been anyone else, his just happened to be the most recent when I took the snapshot. I was mostly amused by exactly how the front page shortened the thread title.

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    3 of the 4 emma frosts are villains, which make them excellent choices for villain based teams if characters like hulk and black widow are ruining your day. Especially the OP version. As for the rare, a 4 cost x-men isn't that bad given her solid defensive stats, even on level 1 which makes her a helpful character for weakening your opponents board, and giving you the option to spin her down from higher levels to power up your Kitty Pride: On a Mission. My motto really should be: If it's a villain, it's already good in constructed. Black manta uncommon, sinsetro rare or common and blue-eyes white dragon support make any villain character at least usable. In terms of Emma, she can actually be pretty mean to aggro players, since aggro usually focuses on fist characters.

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    I'll put a vote in for OP Emma Frost as well. Recently picked it up for my girlfriend, and she enjoys it. Is it a super amazing card? No. But it can do well in certain formats like some other folks have stated.

    I want to see more people play it.

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    I have wanted to use Emma Frost but can't make her work. Even the rare almost made it on my villain team (Doom + Venom debuff combo), but than I noticed she only weakened the attack stat of fist characters. If it was attack and defense, she could have made it.

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