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Thread: [AoU] Energy Oppression

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    [AoU] Energy Oppression

    So, If you listened to TPA episode 4 You've heard about this team. if you haven't then GO GO GO!

    Let us discuss resource reduction and denial!

    And Welcome AoU!

    Things I feel this deck is weak on:
    -No way to KO your own characters. Add Blue-Eyes.
    -Not a lot of AoE removal effects. Swap Villainous Pact for Cone of Cold.

    Any changes you guys would make?

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    Going to have to play test it before I can comment on possible improvements, but, I just wanted to say:

    THIS is proper control in deck/dice building game!

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    Throw Kang - Time-Ship in and force your opponent to pay 4 to reroll.

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    I would possibly place the new common loki that does damage to a character and then removes their text.
    I would also replace with wonderman for wasp rare.
    Finally I think I would still replace morphing Jar for Constantine hellblazer/ or Halfling thief apprentice emerald enclave

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleyviper View Post
    Throw Kang - Time-Ship in and force your opponent to pay 4 to reroll.
    I was thinking of Kang instead of Prof, just straight up. Better attack stat, but otherwise the same.

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    So wouldn't multiple Kobolds only trigger once?

    Or is it because jade is looking for "whenever"?
    and multiple characters attack at once, and any number of green lanterns satisfy the requirement of "when"

    And Thor is more like the "villains in play" ruling.

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I was listening to old podcasts today. ..

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    you are correct, multiple kobolds would only trigger Thor once. That was sloppy explaining of me.

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    Aren't these both "the more the merrier"?
    And if Jade didn't have the (clause) she would count each die?

    Or does "the more the merrier" and "leave me alone" only apply to self- referential dice?

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    Wait, jade did not "count"... but Thor does.

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    Thor is self-referential, Jade is not.
    Thor is "the More the merrier".

    Jade doesn't look for either.

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    Sorry, I think I got the two rulings mixed up.
    The more the merrier looks at uniqueness! !!

    The more the merrier. If it is something that gives a bonus based on multiple things in play, then "character" implies uniqueness and it ignores duplicates. In future releases, a card like Teamwork would be worded as follows:
    Each of your fielded characters gains +1A and +1D for each other active character you control that shares a team affiliation with it.

    The word active lets you know it happens no matter how many copies of that die are in the field.

    . Leave me alone. If it is something that requires it to be the only thing in the field, then "character" is typically actually referring to individual dice and it will consider other dice, even if they are duplicates, to be "present" for purposes of determining whether the effect will trigger. This occurs on cards like the solo attack Wolverines, in the future cards like this will typically use language similar to, "If a Wolverine die attacks alone it cannot be blocked."

    Seems counter intuitive. ..

    "the MORE the merrier", looks for LESS!

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