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Thread: Dragons and Sidekicks

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    Dragons and Sidekicks

    A friend of mine used a Red Eyes Black dragon uncommon in a draft and he swung at one of my friends and hit her for 19 damage. I figured I'd make this deck for him and for myself.

    Common idea is to get Red Eyes out with enough Side kicks out, have lord of D out with Ring of Magnetism and use swords of revealing light them for a giant swing. Swords of revealing light is definitely better over Relentless. They use the same global but the die also causes two other opponents from blocking. If that doesn't work out, I have plan B using Gobby and Human Torch. I dont have PXG because I needed card slots so I hope for my opponent to have it. Solomon for spot removal.

    I also thought of this version of Angel but instead went with human torch for more damage.


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    Well, there isn't a lot new about this team. You're basically taking a top-tier meta team and including 2 cards that probably won't even see much play in the strategy. Of course it's a powerful team, but its power has nothing to do with Red-Eyes, but rather the early "Gobby"/Johnny Storm combo. Rally is an interesting inclusion, but it just makes that early combo stronger. There's never a time when you're going to actually purchase Red-Eyes, so you're just wasting the slot. If you built with Red-Eyes in mind, there might be something to talk about, but as the team stands it's just a sub-optimal version of the same meta teams that already see tons of play.

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    Necro is right. I have built a team like this but spec'ed for Red Eyes. This is only done with Overcrush, otherwise I just stick to sidekick swarm. Gobby and Johnny make the Red eyes and Blue eyes useless, heck you could dump half those characters and focus on using the Red Eyes with overcrush after Gobby and Johnny weakened your opponent if you really wanted to.

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    I was really pumped when I saw you were going to build a team around REBD, but unfortunately, not a lot of focus around him. How about taking a look at that Angel a little more?

    Cannot wait for version 2.0. Giving Red-Eyes some love would be awesome.

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    If you want Ill focus on it. I was thinking Red Eyes, angel, human torch, black Manta david, Ring of Magnatism, Kobold and Anger issues.

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    I came up with the new version. Pretty sure its not there yet but it does give me some ideas

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