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Thread: cbone3's trade thread.

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    cbone3's trade thread.


    HAVES I have the following items available for trade (I have separated cards by IP, not by set, so all of the Marvel stuff is lumped together):

    D&D (Rares)

    Carrion Crawler - Paragon Aberration x3
    Copper Dragon - Paragon Dragon
    Dracolich - Paragon Undead
    Drow Assassin - Paragon Humanoid x3
    Dwarf Cleric - Paragon Lords Alliance
    Frost Giant - Paragon Elemental x2
    Half-Dragon - Paragon Humanoid x2
    Half-Orc Fighter - Paragon Zhentarim
    Invisible Stalker - Paragon Elemental
    Limited Wish - Paragon Spell
    Magic Helmet - Paragon Gear x2
    Magic Sword - Paragon Gear
    Minotaur - Paragon Humanoid
    Mummy - Paragon Undead x2
    Orc - Paragon Humanoid
    Owlbear - Paragon Beast
    Prismatic Spray - Paragon Spell x2
    Purple Worm - Paragon Beast
    Skeleton - Paragon Undead
    Treant - Paragon Beast x2
    Umber Hulk - Paragon Beast
    Unicorn - Paragon Beast
    Zombie - Paragon Undead x3

    DC (Super Rares)

    Constantine - Hellblazer

    DC (Rares)

    Black Manta - Artificial Gills
    Booster Gold - High Publicity Hijinx
    Catwoman - Femme Fatale
    Green Lantern - Brightest Day
    Harley Quinn - Psychopathic Psychiatrist
    Lex Luther - Billionaire Industrialist
    Robin - Acrobatic Adolescent
    The Atom - Science Advisor

    Marvel (OP)

    Beast - Nefarious Geneticist

    Marvel (Rares)

    Antman - The Insect World x3
    Apocalypse - Time of Testing
    Bishop - XSE
    Black Panther - Diversion
    Cable - Time Traveler
    Cerebro - Mutant Hunter
    Colossus - Piotr Rasputin
    Cyclops - Scott Summers
    Deadpool - Chiyonosake x2
    Doctor Strange - Probably a Charlatan x2
    Emma Frost - Graceful
    Falcon - Air Strike x2
    Ghost Rider - Brimstone Biker
    Green Goblin - Norman Osborn
    Loki - Gem-Keeper x2
    Marvel Girl - Telepath x2
    Mjolnir - Thor's Hammer
    Mr. Fantastic - The Invincible Man
    Mystique - Could Be Anyone
    Namor - Imperius Rex
    Punisher - Big Nothing
    Red Hulk - Superhero
    She-Hulk - Superhero
    Toad - Mortimer Toynbee
    Vision - Vic Shade

    YuGiOh (Super Rares)

    The Winged Dragon of Ra - Blaze Cannon x2

    YuGiOh (Rares)

    Baby Dragon - Cute but Dangerous
    Blade Knight - Last Man Standing
    Blue Eyes White Dragon - Monstrous Dragon (This is only available in a trade for a full-art Tsarina. Sorry.)
    Breaker the Magical Warrior - Counterspell
    Celtic Guardian - Silverblade Slash
    Curse of Dragon - Skeletal Structure
    Dark Magician Girl - Dark Burning Attack
    Gaia the Fierce Knight - Dextrous Jouster x2
    Goblin Attack Force - Unruly Throng x2
    Harpie Lady - Flurry of Feathers
    Injection Fairy Lily - Fairy Nurse
    Jinzo - Trap Destroyer
    La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp - The Power of the Lamp
    Lord of D. - DragonkIN
    Man-Eater Bug - Gaping Maw
    Marshmallow - Bites Back
    Morphing Jar - Field Reset
    Mystical Elf - Protector
    Obelisk the Tormentor - Fist of Fury
    Red Eyes B. Dragon - Claws of Steel
    Ring of Magnetism - Monster Attraction
    Saggi the Dark Clown - Dark Slayer
    Sangan - Sacrificial Fiend
    Slife the Sky Dragon - Lightning Blast
    The Winged Dragon of Ra - The Most Powerful Egyptian God x2
    Time Wizard - Time Magic
    Trap Hole - Wide x2

    NEEDS I am looking for the following items:

    DC (Super Rares)

    Catwoman - Nine Lives

    DC (Rares)

    The Flash - Speedster

    Marvel (Super Rares)

    Black Widow - Tsarina (full-art version)
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    With respect, I expect equivalent value when I trade.

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    Mind you that this is also a super rare but as Constantine is very well needed,I have a couple of more trades. A good deal of them that I dont want.

    Braniac - Twelfth-Level Intelligence
    Swamp Thing - Part of the Green
    Vixen - Animal Mimicry
    Cheetah - Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
    Spiderman - The Amazing
    Spiderman - Superhero

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    As I have done before, I looked at the cheapest Buy It Now on eBay.

    My Constantine is $50.00.

    Your Catwoman is $18.00, the OP Spider-Man is $21.57 and the SR Spider-Man is $12.99. That puts the value of what I want from you at $52.56. I consider that equivalent value, but would consider a small throw-in.

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    Alright, Ill throw in all those cards plus 10 bucks. How's that sound?

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    I've decided to keep the Constantine for now.

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    I went around town today picking-up all of the remaining YuGiOh stuff. I got the last 14 packs at one store for $10 and the last 103 packs at another for $65. In that stuff, I pulled one rare Jinzo, one rare BEWD, two SR The Winged Dragon of Ra and one SR Thousand Dragon. I got a ton of other rares, too. Within the next couple of days, I will update this thread with additional YuGiOh availability as well as any needs.

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    PM digitallimit (he has a thread under you) and he's looking to buy a Blue Eyes rare

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    I'm not sure if I'm going to get rid of the BEWD. Having a second is a good thing for my son. The cash price is enticing on eBay. I also love the idea of pairing it with Constantine to form the base of a full-art Tsarina trade.

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    Did by any chance you take a look at my Ebay page for my past history. Yes, I havent been on this website as long because I've never known about and a friend recommended it to me. Didnt even know that this site had a trade section. I usually just buy my cards by singles but hey, they might want something I have and vise versa.

    Ill happily trade the cards I mentioned along with cash if you name a price.

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    Would you consider my SR Obelisk for your SR Scarlet Witch?

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    I have these DC rares:
    Black Canary
    Swamp Thing

    Interested in trading for:
    Jinzo- Trap Destroyer and Black Manta Artificial Gills

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    I have a pending trade for the Braniac, Sinestro and the Swamp Thing (plus I pulled another Swamp Thing this weekend). I'm afraid it's not a deal that makes sense for me now. I'm updating for my pending trades, so that it's more clear. I apologize for not having been more on top of it.
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    No worries bud I appreciate the response

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    I have spidey SR
    Want to trade it for either of your YGO SRs?

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    You bet. Which one do you prefer? Also, if we do a deal it will not ship until Monday because I'm heading out of town. I just want to make sure you're okay with that.

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    Thousand Dragon - Noxious Vapor Gust for Spidey SR sounds good to me

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