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Thread: How to Play Using Vassal (a short tutorial)

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    How to Play Using Vassal (a short tutorial)

    I made a blog post on the topic, but I wanted add it here as well to make sure that this forum had access to a quick and easy video tutorial on how to acquire and use Vassal in order to play Dice Masters. Let me know if you think this helps or if there anything I missed out and I'll be sure to fix it appropriately.

    (I don't recommend viewing in The Reserve Pool player since the video will be too small to see. Instead, copy the Video URL and follow it to YouTube to watch in stunning 1080p resolution, or go fullscreen)

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    @Necromanticer , this is great. Thank you for putting this together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hwetzel View Post
    Is there a way to play on vassal with an iPad?
    Not without being an iOS developer.

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    When you load your team you have to hit the advance button.

    If someone was doing a lot of typing it fiddling in your room when you saved you might need to advance several times. You will know you have advanced to the end when a pop up appears.

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