We held a DC only constructed event tonight. I've tried teams, Justice League teams and Villain teams. I wanted to try something a little different this time.

After setting up Red Tornado, Constantine and at least one of the two Retaliation characters, the team spams Zatanna and Canary dice. Attack with them each turn to get them back into the bag or the used pile. Get in some Retaliation damage, then gain some life with Batman when you field Zatanna again. Hopefully knock out a few characters with Black Canary. Joker is a great buy once your opponent has invested heavily in a specific die. Canary can knock them out so that they clog up the opponent's bag.

Power Ring wasn't really necessary. In theory it can do a large amount of damage. Late game you're rolling up to 4 Zatanna a turn, providing a lot of masks to use with the Ring's global. You can do a bunch of damage and wipe the board, allowing for a big attack if the opponent has any life left.

Round 1: Bye

Round 2: Forest playing Villains. He went first. His opening turns he bought Red Tornado, Blue Beetle and a bunch of Cheetah dice. He was fielding Cheetahs, doing a point with Blue Beetle, then attacking or even more damage. My opening Tornado missed the character face on the first pass through the bag. I got a couple blockers out and finally had enough energy to purchase Joker. I was down to 6 life. I Joker the following turn naming Cheetah, leaving Forest with 4 "dead dice" in his bag. I followed up by purchasing Batman and getting some life gain. After that I spammed the two ladies and overwhelmed him for the win.

Round 3: Ben playing with almost every knock out character in DC. His team was really cool. There aren't a lot of great ways to knock out characters in this set, but Ben found almost every available option and put them all on a team. It was really hard to keep a die on the table against him! We kept trading dice until I was finally able to stabilize with multiple copies of Aquaman and Constantine on the table. He put my Tornado in the Phantom Zone slowing my church. But at that point I had enough going to start spamming the two ladies and overwhelm him.

The DC only format is pretty fun. I feel like there is a lot more going on that just Villains, Justice League and s if people want to get creative. Control is certainly viable. This mixed team was fun to try out.