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Thread: showcasing dice masters

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    showcasing dice masters

    I would like to compile a list of links that could be used to really show how awesome and FUN this game is. So if somebody knows someone that they think would enjoy this game, they could send them these links.

    Watch it played
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    Don't have links handy at work but the Watch it Played videos I think at least give a good idea of how the game plays, from people who are enthusiastic about playing it. That may be a decent kickoff point.

    Beyond that, many of the videos that TRP posts on youtube are good. I haven't watched any of the other matches from Worlds but I know Walsh and I were both very talkative and laughed a lot during our games, don't know if that came across well on the stream but it could be a good way of demonstrating that even in the most tense possible situation people still are having a lot of fun while playing.

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    Dunno how suitable they are for someone that's never played, but I have an ever-growing playlist of games I've played over hangout (against various people, but mostly @AJV1785 ):

    But, also, the first place I saw the game played was on BGG TV's Game Night:

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