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Thread: Card Balance?

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    Card Balance?

    Hey everyone,

    While trying to come up with ideas for different tournaments, I thought about making up a card that everyone MUST include on their team, and then they get to go home with the card at the end of the event. Obviously it wouldn't be legal elsewhere, but I thought it'd be fun to try it out for an event or two.

    This brings me to my question. Is this card balanced okay? Don't want it to be too strong, or too underpowered.

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    why not?
    Tsarina, Gobby, Human Torch Johnny, Storm Goodess of the plains and Wind Rider, Hulk Green Goliath.......
    And Deadman Possesive Talents, Aquaman 3 versions and Batman World Greatest detective are too strong

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    It seems strong, but not overpowered. Bringing the cost up to 6 could put it closer to or possibly on the power curve. It's stronger than Wonder Woman - Princess Diana, and she's not making any huge waves.

    I would word it differently, though. Probably "While Batman is active, your sidekicks take no damage except from sidekicks {note, it could say other sidekicks, though that stops redirection} and cannot be knocked out by action dice or abilities."

    Edit: My wording actually does have a small difference. In the original if sidekicks took damage and then later in the same turn Batman left the field, the sidekicks would be KO'd, as the damage would still be present and the ability keeping them alive is gone. In my wording they're still alive, since they didn't take damage to begin with. I don't know if that was how you intended or if it even works (it would involve damage remembering its source, which I'm not sure happens) but it's there.

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    After talking it over with @IsaacBV , I went with "While BATMAN is active, your sidekicks cannot be knocked out by non-sidekicks or global abilities."

    Thanks for the input, though!

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    And then everyone just runs their favorite deck + Fireball? :P

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    Nice Card BTW, love the Artwork.

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