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Thread: Question for the crafters and color savy.

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    Question for the crafters and color savy.

    So after buying a gravity feed (or two, three, ahem) and a fair amount of foil packs I, like many of us, have quite a collection of extra dice. I was curious if anyone has color sorted the dice? Is there a database listing where each die from all the current sets falls along the hex color scheme? I ask because I'm fairly color dumb, I have trouble judging whether a Cheeta die is lighter or darker than a Minotaur die. Is the Tarrasque die more blue or green vs a Red Eyes B. Dragon die, those kind of distinctions.

    I ask because I think gluing the extra dice for crafting projects would look better in a rainbow pattern vs. a random color medley.


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    That's a really cool idea! Don't know that anyone has done it to that extent yet. It would probably be somewhat easy to do from high-resolution scans of the cards (available here and/or DiceMastersDB), and using a program to pick out the color from the die images on the bottom of the card.

    Of course, the colors on the card don't necessarily match perfectly with the colors on the die, and I don't know how you'd account for translucent dice.

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