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Thread: Choosing a Character vs Targeting a Character

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    Choosing a Character vs Targeting a Character

    I had this scenario come up last night in draft and I will be posting it to the WizKids rule forum (if they answer...) and just wanted to gethe opinion of the community.

    My opponent had in the field Lord of D. Dragon Protector and I used Vulnerability and chose Lord of D.

    The judge was called over and he stated that all choose a character effects have been errata'd to target a character.

    My thought is that I am not targeting anything and simply choosing the character [card?] and not the character die which would bypass "the cannot be targeted" wording.

    I can go either way and see the validity in possible poor nomenclature choices on WizKid's part and this is nothing new, so I thought I would toss it to the community to sound off on it.

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    Nope. Definitely choosing a character die in this instance, and, therefore, targeting.

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    The official ruling states that if you're choosing a set number of characters for an effect (such as vulnerability which chooses a set 1 character), those characters are considered to be targeted.

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