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    Tournament apps

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for iOS apps to use for tracking tournament match ups and standings? Searching the App Store returns a lot of march madness stuff. Pretty useless for what I need...

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    There is a Java app that is floating around from Fantasy Flight games. I have not found anything that works on iOS. There are a couple of website tournament brackets, but they are hard to use on a phone.

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    yeah, that's what i was afraid of. i could always use the WES website, but that can be a pain sometimes too...

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    why can be a pain?
    My experience WES works very bad with the number of players is odd and give byes.
    The fellowship prize how it works?

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    @bartok , the OP kits are usually structured that there is a card specifically given as the fellowship prize. Example D&D OP KIT Month 2, everyone gets a Halfling Thief as a participation card. The Fellowship prize is the Treant card, and the First place prize is the Copper Dragon card. So, the fellowship prize at my store is given out based on sportsmanship and enthusiasm. All of the Monthly kits have enough prize support for 4 events.

    As far as WES system is concerned, my FLGS uses it for every event, and you DO have total control over placements. It can even Swiss Seat everyone and then change match-ups. I know a lot of people say it is terrible, but that has NEVER been my experience using the system to run the store events. I also am the volunteer to run events and the game advocate at my FLGS. I have run even number people, odd number people, and even done swiss doubles matches on the system.

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    only a pain in that it is web based and not every FLGS has open wifi.

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    I also am the volunteer in a couple of stores, the SoS usually work wells but always i verify the system manually, and when 2 or 3 or more pleople have all the same points of victory, the SOS may be is not okeay. I have to check first, second third and fourth victory condition manually. Is not a problem for me. But sometimes happen that the WES says something and my numbers another thing. I trust in me.

    Thanks for the fellowship prize. Helps me so much.

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    For software I use an app on my iPad called tourney
    Tourney - Tournament Helper by Viktor Nilsson

    Though it doesn't let me enter scores - it is win draw loss only

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    i took a look at it and tested a 5 player match. it gave the same guy a bye in rounds 1 and 2. i'll keep playing with it though. thanks.

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    Looked at it - I wasn't able to make it happen with 20 Swiss tournaments (I was marking the person v bye as the winner)

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    Good news

    I just got an email from the guys who make the Tourney App after sending them some feed back

    Hi Bestia!

    We have been working a lot for some time now and are pleased to tell you that the next version of Tourney is on review.
    The next version has support for scoring, tie breaking system based on GD and also a feature to remove ads via IAP. The app should be live within 7 days.
    Thanks again for your feedback and help!


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