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Thread: Brainiac - Twelfth-Level Intelligence

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    Brainiac - Twelfth-Level Intelligence

    So, how exactly does this card work? I've got a few questions regarding it's existence and how it can be used. I'm aware that even if blockers are switched, characters that were previously blocked are still considered blocked, but I'm wondering, can you switch the blockers to non blocked characters?

    My question is this: I play a Wolverine - The Best There Is and my opponent declares that no one shall block him, but decides to block my two sidekicks. Can I switch one of the characters that is blocking my sidekick to block my Wolverine, thus activating his ability?

    Am I able to bring out characters that weren't blocking in the first place to swap in place and block him? Does anyone have any clues as to how this can be played out? I"m wondering because if so, you can control your opponent into being throwing a weak character onto your Wolverine, then destroying them with the added damage and Overcrush from Anger Issues. If anyone has any idea, please let me know!

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    Switch means you can choose two character dice that were assigned to be blockers, and swap them. If he puts a hefty blocker in front of your Wolverine but blocks your Sidekick with a Sidekick, you can switch those two so the hefty blocker is wasted on your Sidekick and your Wolverine massively Overcrushes the Sidekick blocker.

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    My reading is:

    You can only swap the position of current blockers.

    You cannot move a blocker to an unblocked character.

    You cannot bring in new blockers.

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    Alright then, thanks for the responses! So my biggest fear is if he goes in as "Unblocked", then there is no way to force my opponent to cause it to trigger.

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    You can use Cable or Goblin Attack Force globals to force a character to block, then only attack with Wolverine.

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