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Thread: Trading List (Including a few SR)

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    Trading List (Marvel and D&D)

    Looking for trades

    Cards I have for Trade:

    WoL Rare
    113 Fatality Forgiving Heart
    114 The Flash Believe in the Impossible
    119 Larfleeze MINE!

    AoU Rare
    107 AoU Baron Zemo Thunderbolt
    108 Beast Not your Average Pretty Face
    109 AoU Bucky Soldier
    110 Captain Marvel Inspiration (x2)
    117 AoU Loki Agent of Asgard
    120 AoU Moondragon Daughter of the Destroyer
    122 Odin Asgardian Monarch
    128 Shield Helicarrier Odyssey
    129 AoU Spider-Woman Pheremones (x2)
    134 Wonder Man Movie Star

    UXM Super Rare
    123 Emma Frost Hellfire Club

    UXM Rare
    Namor Imperius Rex

    D&D (BFF) Super Rare
    125 Mind Flayer

    D&D (BFF) Rare
    98 Copper Dragon (x2)
    99 Dracolich
    101 Dwarf Cleric
    106 Invisible Stalker
    109 Minotaur
    110 Mummy
    111 Orc
    112 Owlbear
    115 Skeleton
    116 Treant
    118 Unicorn
    119 Wererat
    120 Zombie
    123 Limited Wish

    Marvel OP
    Thor The Mighty
    Hawkeye- Avengers Disassembled
    Marvel Girl Humanity
    Magneto Heir to the Dream
    Sentinel Omega

    D&D OP

    I also have at a lot of Common and Uncommon for AoU, AvX, UXM, & D&D (and a few for WoL) if there are any you're looking for (and dice for most characters from those sets).

    Cards I need:

    WoL Super Rare
    SR Lantern Battery Pending In

    WoL Rare

    AoU Super Rare
    135 AoU Captain Universe Enigma Force
    136 AoU Groot We Are Groot Pending In
    140 AoU Red Skull Undying Evil
    141 AoU Gladiator Intergalactic Terror
    142 AoU Electro Cooked Meat

    AvX Super Rare
    129 AvX Black Widow Tsarina
    130 AvX Green Goblin "Gobby"

    I don't need any dice (except for the AoU Zombies, of course), so I'm proposing trade of cards only. If you'd need the die with something you want to trade, let me know- I do have a bunch of spares.
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