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Thread: New Player - Any Tips?

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    New Player - Any Tips?

    Hey all!

    I'm new to dice masters and the reserve pool (but what a community you have here!!!!) and am entering my first OP event at the weekend. I know such an incredibly vague solicit isn't the most helpful, but I was just wondering if anyone had any tips?

    My store plays cross property constructed, and I'm going in with a complete UXM and a partial AvX collection (no super rares, and only a handful of rares but think complete commons and uncommons).

    Any advice you can give a first timer would be great, either on what I should look to bring, any in game tactics or any thing I should try to keep an eye on on my opponents' sides of the table.

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    With only UXM and partial AvX you're at a significant disadvantage, so, I would recommend not worrying too much about being competitive and go in looking to learn.

    Tell your opponents that you're new to the game. The majority of players are more than willing to help a newbie out, and if your opponents use any cards you don't recognise take the time to read them carefully, particularly any globals they may have, and their basic actions.

    If you haven't already, take some time to practice the turn structure, knowing when to pass priority, and figure out when the best time to use the Professor X global is, so you can at least keep the game flowing nicely.

    Most importantly, have fun!

    And, good luck.

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    Also, bring your whole collection to trade any extras you have. Even snagging some DnD commons can give a huge boost in competitive level. Get yourself a human paladin and your Wolverine FWTen becomes that much larger of a threat.

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    Thanks for that!

    Yeah I know I'm nowhere near competitive by limiting myself to marvel. I already planned on taking my spares to trade as I have a healthy amount of spares from the first two marvel sets including rares and super rares although ideally I'd be looking to fill my avx holes before picking up other sets .

    Passing priority is something I'm definitely looking to learn better through events.

    But yeah the name of the day is fun. And inevitably learning a LOT!

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    Have fun with it, that is the best strategy tip I can give. If you genuinely enjoy the diversity the game brings you'll bring yourself into experimenting with different things and that is how you find competitive builds.

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    Dont forget to double check for lethal damage. You dont want to end your turn only to realize that you could have won the game by using a global at the right time.
    On the same note, try to make sure you arent leaving yourself wide open to an attack after your attack phase. A lot of the time its better to keep a sidekick or two in the field. Especially if attacking with them isnt going to win you the game any way.

    These are two habits im trying to get myseld into as a relatively new player.

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    Look at your opponents cards. Read what every card can do. Make a strategy and stick to it. If you need to adapt just make sure you get from A to B. Make use of their resources (Globals) and read on what they are going to do every step of the way. Make sure you have some sort of defense (Sidekicks are nothing but body bags) and if you have the chance the win the game, Double Check. You might miss on something (your opponents own reserve pool and their globals) on your calculations for the amount of damage you can cause or the amount of characters they have.

    As for your own deck, make sure it has synergy. Your deck consists of 4 cards. The rest of those other 4 are just to help them. Make sure you have something to ramp with. Have a plan B in your deck if something isnt working. Your BAC's are important in today's meta.

    Final Thing
    Have Fun

    Even if you lose. If you stuck to your plan and you did everything you could, do not let it discourage you. Play testing is very important. Come up with a deck you enjoy and test it. You could lose by one point but if you did everything right, whats done is done. You could roll terrible especially on your first turn. That's dice masters. You need some luck but in creating a deck try to keep the random factor as low as possible.

    Good Luck dude.

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    I'd also state: post on here a ton, and look at Google Hangouts/VASSAL to talk with some Dice Masters players. We have some really good players on the site.

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