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Thread: Global Magneto Sonderkommando, Storm Godees of the Plains and Apocalypse Earth295

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    Global Magneto Sonderkommando, Storm Goddess of the Plains and Apocalypse Earth295

    If a character villain is rolled with this global (or with Storm Godess of the Plains, or Apocalypse Earth)
    A. do pre-rolling stat modifiers still apply to the newly rolled character?
    Example, Johnny Storm is active and some dies goes to the field dealing damage some dies of the opponent. Using the Global of Magneto or Storm or Apocalypse you reroll some dices (or all).
    B.This new characters dices conserve the damage?
    C. I remember last saturday, 7 damage of Human Torch Johnny Storm divided in 7 dies. How can i mark if Johnny make 1 damage to a sidekick, 2 damage to other sidekick (if Green Goblin Lord and Cap America Natural Leader are in the field) and there are anothers sidekicks in the field without damage? (same for duplicates of other characters)
    D. The reroll of Storm and Apocalypse is with all the dices together, not one by one?
    E. The reroll of Magneto Global Ability is one by one if i pay 2 mask against Green Goblin Lord and Joker?

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    A. Yes.
    B. Yes.
    C. You just have to remember. But, it's important to note that characters are knocked out as soon as they take damage equal to or greater than their defence.
    D. It most likely doesn't matter. Strictly speaking they should all be rolled at the same time, but as long as the right dice are rolled the right number of times, it probably isn't going to matter if you do them all together or one at a time (I can't think of any example where it would matter, but that doesn't mean one doesn't, or might not in the future, exist).
    E. Pay, fully resolve effect. Pay, fully resolve effect. And so on.

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    With the Johnny Storm example, I would roll each die that has taken damage individually in case they get knocked out after the reroll. Than just roll all the ones that can be rolled together.

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