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    only common team

    i am working on a only common team for a tournament i am playing in tonight. and suggestions on what i could use with this?
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    I Know AiA was converted to a commons/uncommons team, but if you use Distraction and the beholder that is the core of the deck. Perhaps Storm Weather Witch or African priestess instead of beast, then roll into Human paladin. Finally you'll need a way to get up to 20 damage in one hit, I might recommend 2Cool4Words Ice Man so you can convert those sidekicks you roll into bolts and don't get them sucked in by Forced attack globals, on top of that those bolts could be used to double Iceman's stats for the Killing blow.

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    i am using imprisoned as my second action.

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    Doom Caliber Knight/Human Paladin cause me fits when I'm playing AIA. What's your updated roster look like?

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