I give unto you, the decision to do or not do.
To create or not to create.
To grow and cherish, or wither and die.

How to Create Your Own Custom Vassal Module Extension for Use with Vassal Dice Masters Module.

What does this mean? I am not going anywhere. I have some more enhancements planned and actively working on for version 3.0. It is an exciting time for our community. One of new sets, change, and enviably of loss. I love Dice Masters, have a pretty good amount of local gameplay support in 4 stores, and have a lot of new ideas.

I listen to the Podcasts for the Reserve Pool and of Dice Annon. One of @NickPham's biggest concerns is that the community support for Vassal at some point will not be able to keep up with the pace of the cards, or the pressures of support. And he is absolutely correct. I am one person. @simage is one person and @Scorpion0X017 is one person. The only way to keep up is to prep. To disseminate. To accept assistance. And to trust others. Today, I am delivering the instructions to how to create the extensions for Vassal, implement cards, and create dice. That way, the community can go forth, even when we as individuals decide that we no longer wish to continue.

Last night, I cut 132 cards for someone I barely know, but because of this game. because of this community, we now have something greater. I suspect that as one person, I will never be able to keep up alone with the Custom Cards, Set Releases, and Preview Sets, let alone with developing enhancements, like Doubles, Snap to Grid, and other items. SO, I am empowering everyone that is interested to create your own custom extensions. Put the things in it you like, you want, you desire. Share the files so that we can all see them, even if you only post the link via dropbox and here only. Bring on your Customs.

Lastly, if you find it rewarding, and you want to help out with Vassal Updates for Standard Sets. Cut your teeth on a custom Extension. Play around with what makes it work, and more importantly what breaks it. Then PM ME. Because, we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Two things I am ACTIVELY working on:
Snap to Grid for 3.0 Main Board.