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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 8 Mike Elliott and the Beginning of It All

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    Article: Reading the Rainbow Yu Gi Oh Draft Episode 8 Mike Elliott and the Beginning

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    Ummm... the set he is not allowed to talk about yet is: The Amazing Spider-Man for those wanting to know. (However, at this point, it is common knowledge the set is coming.)

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    Great article and very cool you got a chance to talk with Mike! It does make sense YGO was designed first. That makes me wonder if the serial numbers were a WK misstep instead of a Konami one. Either way, I'm glad that that has been "corrected" or a least not repeated. I guess if there is ever another YGO set, we will find out which company wanted it. If it is Wizkids--and given this new YGO-designed-first info it seems more plausible than ever that it was--I hope they further correct the situation by just changing the rules to drop the serial number matching requirement.

    Eric Lang answered a question from Jason Levine on the live stream from Dice Tower Con about the origins of DM. He mentioned that he and Mike and Wizkids long had the idea that it would be cool to do a collectible version of Quarriors, but that they wanted a cool license to do it with and that one day "Justin" [I assume he meant Justin Ziran, WK CEO] called him up and told him excitedly, "We got Marvel!" I thought Eric implied that that got the ball going, but it could have been my preconceived notions that made me think that. I'll have to dig up the clip to know for sure.
    @Shadowmeld --did you record the interview, and if so, do you plan on releasing the full thing?

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    Actually, @TheDoubleBursts , he was referring to the set after ASM, but we can all assume there will be something next, so it is not much of a spoiler.

    @Ken no, unfortunately I didn't get the interview recorded because it was an unplanned last minute thing. Mike and I were both just wandering around the main hall in the last hours of the con.

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    Great write up, awesome that you got to spent time with him!

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