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    At a Loss

    Ive been focusing on this deck of mine for a while. Ive substituted characters changing to how to make it better. This was my deck at first.

    The deck first started with Jinzo and Human Paladin. Jinzo considering how scary he can be just being on the field controlling the opponent. Human Paladin to keep my opponent from using Globals on me. Then I worked towards my bruiser and I wanted to use Wolverine. He works well with the Paladins effects (counter to Distraction and Transfer power). The next step was Spot removal which led me to Punisher. In my eye's he's a win-win. I can KO a character or they can pay life for it. The cube for me worked with Punishers effect, take out their bruiser or the most lethal character and capture it. Little more control. I have psylocke because I didnt have another 2 cost character at the time (bought a Constantine Hellblazer so I put him in) so I worked with her. Storm because of the Global and because I have polymorph.

    Took a lot at my deck and decided to go with for Wolverine and take out Human Paladin. Speed up the process for Wolverine to attack.

    Went to my local tournament and went 2 and 1. Someone from worlds (Michael L) came to our Local Tournament and I got a chance to play him after the tourney was finished. DoomCaliber worked well, I didnt worry about his Transfer Power Global. Lost the match, learned a lot and then took at look at my deck again.
    I didnt feel comfortable with Doomcaliber being a Global for my opponent to use so I took that out.
    Right now this is my current team for my main.

    I went with Deadpool for spot removal against Jinzo or a Constantine. Always wanted to use this card and I figured he would fit in (Human Paladin). My only Hesitation is going against a Hulk for Spot removal. I thought of Grundy but I'm not sure still. Also the thought of Prismatic Spray (MIchael L used it on me which hurts). I'm thinking of replacing polymorph for Resurrection to get Wolverine out after he attacks directly.

    So right now I'm at a loss on what I can replace or just stick with my new team.

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    Well, right now I'm seeing a glaring anti-synergy with your team right off the bat. You've got Human Paladin right alongside Jinzo and that needs fixing.

    Human Paladin is an enabler. He allows your field to go unmolested and lets you build up/wall off in the face of Mr. Fantastic, Relentless, and Distraction. He also makes a great protector of Kobolds and abuser of Transfer Power. What he does not do is fit alongside Jinzo.
    Jinzo is not an enabler, he is a win condition. He sits on your field and makes your opponent pay through the nose for their globals. Jinzo turns your opponent's every global into a twist of the knife, slowly bleeding them dry. With Jinzo, you want your opponent to use globals in order to wear themself down for you to swoop in. If you've already removed 2/3+ of the globals he's going to use with Human Paladin, there's no real reason for him to pay with his life. This team-up just isn't worthwhile.

    Instead, go for Ring of Magnetism - Action Attraction. You don't even need Lord of D. the action die alone is going to protect your field almost as well if not better than human paladin. Not only does it keep your key targets safe from globals, but it also draws in action dice and character abilities. No more Solomon Grundy sniping off your Jinzo before he comes to fruition. This also saves you a slot with Storm, meaning you can substitute something else in that slot such as Elf Wizard to get some easier buys for your action dice/prep them from used or Black Manta - David to have a cheap big body to put your Ring onto and maybe score some incidental damage to help the Jinzo burn. Best yet, Prismatic Spray only wipes character text, meaning that your ring is going to remain fully functioning and operational even if you get a technicolor hosing in the face.

    Lastly, I don't really understand what role Deadpool is filling in the team. I love him, but if you're looking to use him for sensitive removal, it's best to bring Distraction or Smash! to make sure he isn't bopping Hulk on the nose. I rate Deadpool over Solomon Grundy because of his low fielding cost and ability to remain fielded/pull blockers while doubling as removal, but he requires a setup global of his own and BEWD is for Solomon, not Deadpool.

    Let me know what you end up deciding on, I'm rather interested in how this team develops.

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    Sometimes it is tempting just to throw a bunch of good cards on a team, and hope they work. From personal experience, I'd recommend against it, and I'd take Necro's advice.

    Your post makes me think you might be getting frustrated. Don't! Make sure you're having fun first, and get on VASSAL to test out your team online as well. There are plenty of people like Necro who would be willing to help you.

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    Thanks for the interest of my deck. Someone mentioned Jinzo and Human Paladin and it started the gears in my head.
    I'm not frustrated. Im tinkering around with my team. Make it more effective in the process.

    I didn't think about the ring of Magnetism in the process. This card completely flew over my head. Ive only thought of using it for Lord of D or maybe Superman. Its...genius.
    I brought in Blue Eyes to make my team a quicker way of buying/ramp but at the same time it just didnt feel natural. You mentioned Elf Wizard for a cheap character but it just doesnt fit with my team considering its for Action dice which I really don't need to buy any. Black Manta clearly serves as a great beefy way for a blocker and I have been looking to use that card.

    I looked at my team and went with this to play test.

    I have a couple of questions for both Ring of Magnetism and Smash. Ring of Magnetism says "abilities"
    Does that mean for monsters or Globals.
    The same for Smash Global. "Target Blocked character" If I were to target Hulk with Deadpool to block and I cause damage pinging Hulk to activate. Once I pay a fist does that damage for Hulks counter nullify and save my characters from being damaged/killed?

  5. #5, that is an awesome combo. The way I read it... I don't think Hulk would deal damage. What do you think, @Shadowmeld ?

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    I never thought of using Distraction with Deadpool to activate his ability along with keeping him alive.......learn something new everyday.
    I feel much better with this deck

    Although the use of smash nullifying Hulks damage is nice but with distraction, I thought of this. I have both Wolverine and DeadPool out in the field. I attack with both of them, Deadpool targeting Hulk to block then I distract him out before being smashed by Hulk. It leaves Wolverine attacking alone doesnt it? I activate Wolverine's effect increasing his damage?
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    Ring of Magnetism attracts ALL abilities. That includes character effects, global abilities, and action dice. The only way to get past it is to use an ability that cannot target character dice such as Storm's global or to use an ability that outright doesn't target like Imprisoned.

    My one big concern is that you're bringing Storm along with your Ring of Magnetism. All it will take for your opponent to ignore RoM is to use the Storm global to redirect it to one of his own characters and then BEWD it off the field. RoM is a bit touchy insofar as it doesn't play nicely with other forms of protection and works best as a rogue die. You can always slot in Gobby as an alternate win condition or pick up a Solomon Grundy of your own to reinforce Deadpool. Suffice it to say you don't want both those cards on the same team and taking out storm leaves you with a free slot.

    Also, as a note to @RJRETRO , either Distraction or Smash! will make sure that Deadpool deals Hulk no damage and thus not proccing his AoE, and Hulk is doomed from the moment he's pulled out of position. Once he's engaged Deadpool, there's no way for him to survive the end of the attack step. It's cold, but brutal and leaves you with a character with good defensive stats sticking around to block on your opponent's turn. The big issue it has is that an opposing RoM will mess with it since it is a targeted effect (though so is Grundy, so it's not a total wash).

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    Alright, so I take out storm......who would I substitute in? I like the RoM card already.

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    Like I said, I'd go for Gobby to give myself some free damage, a powerful die, and an alternate strategy if I can't roll fists or shields early.

    If that's not your gig and you really want to dedicate to FWX, then the world is your oyster. There's always Beast, you could grab a Prismatic Spray of your own, Human Torch can burn away Swarm teams, Tsarina hits early and hard thus making a good followup to Wolverine, there's just a lot of options. Heck, you could even go with the 3-cost AvX Storm instead for some cheaper and more permanent, but less reliable removal. You just can't run UXM Storm alongside RoM if you want to actually use it as protection.

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    Psylocke would give you extra point removal, but she's mask heavy. Since you already have two 2 cost characters maybe:

    to mess with your opponent bag, forcing refills to deny him PxG ?

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    Im still going to run with FWX as my giant bruiser. It just adds depth to me that I can cause a lot of pressure with him. Ill run Johnny Storm to Ping. I can run Black manta David to ping and adds a wall to my field.

    This looks fine so far.

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    I do think wolverine teams still need to have polymorph on them because they give you something to do turn 4, or possibly even allow a wolverine to hit turn 3 if your draw gets messed with. It also speeds up the game speed swing from a weapon ten attack to a jinzo controlling the field.

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    @Osprey True but with distraction it does help me have some sort of defense. My team doesnt have anything as a big blocker. Ive lost on turn 3 even after buying a polymorph so speeding it up doesnt matter too much. Ill stick with distraction for the Deadpool combo. I can probably buy my opponents polymorph if they have it.

    There's also the chance where I cant counter it because lack of storm being on my team.

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    When you field a few Black Mantas, your opponent won't want to attack you because of his direct damage from each die that took damage during the attack step but not KOed.

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    I'm reconsidering taking back Human Torch and putting in and putting down for my BAC over distraction because it can be used against me (wolverine attacking). Only way to get Wolverine through is to have Ring of Magnetism out. Not sure he fits into this team.

    I might be overthinking. Any clarification to this?

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    That would be adding a global to protect you from your own distraction and other abilities, and then removing the card that makes Doomcaliber knight's global purposeful.

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    The recent build for my deck. Looks good. I'm just worried about Swords and Doomcaliber being used against me.

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    Running Doomcal and Swords alongside Distraction in the same team is certainly a little weird.

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    I know. I still worry about that. But its one of the only ways for Wolverine to get through without my own Global screwing me over. I was thinking of just taking out Wolverine and using something else. I thought of Punisher but Wolverine just causes heaps amount of pressure, just being on the field alongside with Jinzo. He's already scary enough swinging for 9,10,12 damage by himself. And if he does get through, the opponent will possibly panic and do dumb mistakes.

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