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Thread: War Machine with AoU

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    War Machine with AoU

    So, all of AvX's War Machines trigger while Iron Man is in the field. That makes him highly situational. But now, we have this guy.

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    A cheap Iron Man. He's a first turn purchase with an extra energy to ramp. He has better attack stats than AvX/UXM Iron Man. If we are using him to activate War Machine then maybe the higher defense would be preferred. But he is cheap enough so you could have 2 or 3 in the field, as you're cycling for War Machine. So if one or two get knocked out, you still have the option to roll and field him immediately before you field War Machine. So, which War Machine is the best?

    Well... not the common. All that work for only +2/+2? Nope. Maybe if I'm trying to get him buffed up, then use Overcrush for an all common/starter type team. But he's clearly the weakest of the 3. The uncommon is unblockable. Unblockable is great. But let's come back to him. I want to jump to the rare. He has a similar cost to other characters or actions that KO on command. So maybe there is some serious usefulness there. But yea... the uncommon.

    I want to start this conversation. With this card:

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    The big question with Maria Hill is, does her ability trigger when she is on an energy face. I think it does. Here's my reason. It's been ruled in the past that cards that specify or target "character die" CAN target a character die on its energy face. So why does this matter, and what does it have to do with an unblockable War Machine? Well, energy you spend on your turn goes out if play. Then to the used pile at end of turn. Unblocked characters do the same. The go out of play, only for a moment, then to the used pile. Both a Maria Hill die spent as energy and and unblocked War Machine would hit the used pile at the same time. Then they both go to prep to do it all again next turn. Maria Hill is a cheap enough character that you could have a couple of them cycling through to ensure you always have one floating around.

    So, cheapo Iron Man, unblockable War Machine, and Maria Hill to keep sending War Machine to the prep area instead of used.


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    I love the idea and I want to see it ruled in favor of playing Maria Hill this way. I look forward to trying it out

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    On my phone now, but I don't think it works that way. An ability can target a die with an affiliation (because they keep that regardless of face) but the rulebook says pretty clearly that a character die on an energy face is an "energy die".

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    You could always just use Summoned Skull's global to keep War Machine in prepetuity, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alleyviper View Post
    You could always just use Summoned Skull's global to keep War Machine in prepetuity, too.
    Yea. I think that's actually a criminally underused global.

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    For an effect to work, the characters need to be active. Even when it was just fielded its still active. Maria Hill being on her energy face is just energy.

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    Quote from MDM: Age of Ultron rulebook:

    Rolled dice in the field or in your Reserve Pool are considered to be whatever their face is. If you have a Sidekick Die in the Reserve Pool showing energy, then it’s an energy die. If you have a Sidekick showing the character face in your field, then it’s a character die. Dice in your Used Pile, Prep Area, and bag are not considered rolled dice. Their dice type is either character or action, based on what faces they have. Dice always know what team they’re on, if they’re Avengers, or Villains etc.

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    Maria Hill's ability is so situational, I'm not quite sure how you can build around it. She seems pretty baller with the Trinity War Superman, though. If he's KO'd in combat or unblocked, her being unblocked gets them both back.

    Just need to run both of them, relentless and your favorite anti-Distraction solution.

    There doesn't seem to be a way to have her ability trigger at will, though.

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    This is a complete win. Though you could use the uncommon as a life gain mechanic since he would be unblockable.

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