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Thread: Basic Action Cards for single set Draft, Sealed, League

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    Basic Action Cards for single set Draft, Sealed, League

    One thing I've noticed about the podcasts, articles and forums here is that it is generally assumed that players will be able to select BACs from any set when playing single set Limited format such as Draft, Sealed or League [actually, I don't hear much about Sealed or League either] or single set constructed.

    Locally it is assumed that when playing a single set Limited format or single set constructed is that players are also limited to the BACs from that set (including OPs). To me this seems to fit the intent of single set play.

    I think this is going to be a bigger issue as time goes by, more and more sets are released, and more sets go out of print. One of the strengths of Limited and single set formats is that they lower the barrier to entry and avoid any "pay to win" that rewards players who have been in longer or can spend more for a full arsenal of OOP BACs.

    Anyhow, I'm curious what the split is for Limited BACs vs Unlimited BACs in single set formats out there in local groups across the TRP Dice Masters world and how this might change as the game ages and grows.


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    I believe all of the Rainbow Drafts that I have participated in have had no restriction on Basic Action Cards (BAC) except for only allowing officially released product. For the WizKids Open last year they had Rainbow Drafts for Uncanny X-men, but we could not use any of the BAC from Uncanny set.

    I've also participated in events where the event organizer specifically stated it was D&D only including BAC. I think we will be doing be where you can use anything except AvX soon.

    I like both formats, limiting BAC and allowing all BAC. If I was going to a Rainbow Draft I would assume any BAC is allowed unless specifically stated.

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    The primary dice masters organizer in my area is all about staying in set with basic actions. However, my local board gaming group meets in a comic book store and we have done three draft events as part of our game nights. They were all D&D drafts, and we allowed any basic actions because not everyone had the D&D starter set.

    Personally I prefer mixing. It is fun to have Avengers throwing magic missiles.

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