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Thread: Article: Reading the Rainbow Broad Strokes Episode 1 Quantity

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    I think this is pretty much spot on. I generally don't go for hate drafting, but if I know that I have 1 of the 2 Firestorm dice, there's no way I'm letting the 2nd one slip through my fingers, especially since I know it's also the common. Denying my opponents that key character is going to heavily boost my power and I can reliably assume that I'll get at least 1-2 more chances at Hawkman and Cheetah because of how many dice there are in the rainbow.

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    I started reading these a while ago and I love this series. I think this is all good advice, I think there would only be a barest competition between cheetah and firestorm but with there only being 2 firestorm he wins (also he's a huge keystone).

    P.S minor typo in the 4th from last paragraph, hawkeye instead of hawkman.

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    Bah, Hawksomethings are all alike MIRITE?

    proceeds to correct typo.

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