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Thread: People whom own Quarriors Read Please!!!

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    People whom own Quarriors Read Please!!!

    Attention Quarrior! Fans:

    I need your assistance. I, too, am a fan of Quarriors!. It is a fun game of sharing dice cards; however, half the game seems to be finding the various expansions. I am working on a project where I am in need of some assistance. I am looking for two things, 1) A Card List Checkoff, with the name of each card and subtitles and 2)Someone willing to send card scans, the cards themselves, and / or a combination.

    Currently, I have within my collection:
    Quarriors! Light vs. Dark
    Lord of the Rings Dice Building Game
    X-Mas Promos
    Quaxos' Promos
    Imp Promos

    I am looking for help obtaining cards/images for:
    Quest of the Qladiator
    Rise of the Demons

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    I have Quarmageddon, Quest of the Qladiator, and Rise of the Demons. I also sent you a PM.

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    I love Quarriors too, it's the reason I was excited about Dice Masters in the first place. I have all the expansions and promos. I completely understand wanting more of the game, but with the exception of Rise of the Demons, all the expansions are available on Amazon right now, I just looked. Better yet, check with your FLGS, mine has copies of Qladiator and Quartifacts last time I was there. I just figure if you love the game, you'd want to support it by buying it.
    you're also missing the Keymaster promo card on your list of things you're looking for, incidentally. Good luck to you on your project.
    Also if you go to Boardgamegeek, there are lots of user generated versions of the Corrupted Creatures, I have most of them printed to add to what I purchased over the years.

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    @chalos13 , Yeah I picked up Quarriors! for a FLGS near me. The game is now out of print and unless you can find someone selling them through Amazon or eBay, locally they are non-existent. I was able to find a steal of a deal through Coolstuffinc, but i usually only like to deal with them once my local options are exhausted. So I was able to pick up everything but the Lord of the Quary Promo card and Rise of the Demons.

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