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Thread: Article: My Local Scene: Little Cup

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    I really enjoyed this write up of the event, thank you for posting it.

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    Great article. It was suspenseful and insightful at the same time. I can't wait until my kid is old enough to play some games with me. I love the critical thinking, math, and life skills it is creating. Awesome job!

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    Thanks for the mention and the kind words. Prismatic Spray: Lesser Spell and Elf Wizard: Lesser Harper that you used were a great combo against my PXG. You sprayed me, left me staring at the 3 masks that were going to join the other 5 SK dice in used in a few minutes, attacked with elf wizard, which then allowed you to move the pris spray you just used to prep, just to do it to me again the next round. Goodbye ramp.

    I used @Shadowmeld 's solution to the AIA team: early on, round 1 or 2, I bought an Imprisoned die. When he got beholder out, he captured some of my guys, but then used my red dragon global to accidentally free them. He had enough energy at one point to buy another beholder and said out loud, "Why would I need two beholders?" and proceeded to buy 2 of something else. I answered his question on my turn when I Imprisoned his beholder. I was even able to roll the die again a few rounds later, punch him in the kisser with a thrown car, freeing his beholder and friends, but then re-imprisoning them immediately with the action die sitting there in my reserve pool. He was not happy.

    Overall the little cup tournament was great fun. The most fun I could have had getting beat, was to get beat by my 11 year old, see his best friend beat his dad, and then see Isaac's son beat him. There was much celebrating by the kids (Isaac's daughter was playing too and beat her final opponent that round also), and the parents were all quite proud.

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