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Thread: I've found a use for common Vixen!!!!

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    I've found a use for common Vixen!!!!

    My wife finally agreed to give Dice Masters a try! WOOO HOOO!!! (and thanks @Wifey for the great suggestions!)

    To teach her the game, I've decided we're going to use only four characters each. Here's the team I built for her.

    As for me, I want to play fair, but I am far more experienced than she is. So, I've decided to take cards I will almost never play in any other setting.

    Yes, that's right. Common Vixen exists to allow my wife to crush me at Dice Masters just so I can reel her into the game.

    Good job Wizkids.

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    Very creative lol, I love it. Play fair and teach at whatever pace they're most comfortable with andwith any luck, they'll love the game too.

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    You KNOW you're just gonna spend all those masks buying Swamp Thing. You should replace him with one of the Atoms, for a fist character.

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    You could also replace Red Tornado with:

    Who is strictly worse than

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    That's a fun idea. Wonder how many plays before she asks why that Vixen is so bad?

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    I just want to point out another method of playing that works for teaching people how to play is to grab a team of 8 characters, and put max dice on them. Then both people use the same characters to purchase from. I find that once you play a few games like this, people get interested in building their own teams.

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    That didn't go as planned. She did not enjoy it at all. Just not her thing. So, after playing two matches, she pulled out Stefan Feld's Bora Bora and she had fun stomping me with that.

    Oh well... Dice Masters isn't for everyone. At least she gave it a shot.

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