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Thread: Game purchase recommendations wanted...

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    Game purchase recommendations wanted...

    So, it was my birthday the other day, and I received a little money, including an Amazon voucher, so...

    What game or games would people recommend I pick up (must be available from

    I can add some to the money I received, so I'm looking to spend between 50 and 100.

    Some games I own and enjoy are:

    - Dice Masters (of course (but have pretty much everything I want at this point)).
    - Pandemic (have all expansions).
    - Flash Point: Fire Rescue (have all expansions).
    - Lords of Waterdeep (have Skullport expansion).
    - Pandemic: The Cure.
    - King of Tokyo (have Power Up and Halloween expansions).
    - King of New York.
    - Tsuro.
    - Space Alert.
    - Blueprints.
    - Unexploded Cow.
    - Stuff and Nonsense.
    - ShadowRift.

    (In no particular order other than the order they came to mind, so that probably indicates something)

    I usually play games 2-player, but prefer games that can be played with more than two, enjoy coops, and like to be able play solo.

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    Disclaimer: not searching for Amazon confirmation, just listing games I think might meet your criteria.

    Castles of Mad King Ludvig is good, has solo and up to 4 player rules. Not coop.

    Eldritch horror, is coop, 2-6 players, will kick your ass and is a great game, but more of a hours game than the ones you listed.

    Also played Tragedy Looper at Dice Tower Con, competitive, cooperative, anime theme, logic puzzles and murder game with good replay value.

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    You'd probably enjoy Elder Sign. Co-op dice game set in Cthulhu mythos. Has a couple expansions that are fun as well. Works with two, but plays up to 8 (you might consider with 2 players each controlling two characters).

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    First, Happy Birthday.

    I like Marvel Legendary. The Dark City expansion does a lot for it.
    I have Small World and it feels like it would be fun if I weren't so terrible with it.
    I got Forbidden Desert last weekend. Only got one game in but it was fun and felt like a good "bang for the buck" game.

    To me these feel about the same weight as King of Tokyo.

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    Thanks for the suggestions thus far.

    Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Island I have played, and, whilst I don't dislike either of them, I felt like they lack a certain something that both Pandemic and Flash Point Fire Rescue has.

    Marvel Legendary I have looked at and considered previously. And looking at the prices it looks like I could pick up the base game and two or three expansions for the budget I've given myself. And I have seen the Tabletop and Game Night play throughs. Unfortunately I've never had the chance to play it, though, so I don't know for sure if it's worth investing even the cost of the base game.

    Small World I've played, and considered buying before, but what keeps putting me off is the ridiculous number of expansions for it, and I'm not sure how often it would hit the table.

    All the other suggestions thus far I've not played and only know a little if anything about.

    So, currently, Marvel Legendary is looking like the favourite of those suggested.

    But, please keep more suggestions coming.

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    Power Grid. The game doesn't get enough play (my copy anyway).

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    Star Realms. It plays amazingly well at 2, can play more. The gambits are both soloable and semi-coop though not pure coop.

    For a non-2 player game I'd recommend Battlestar Galactica. I've never watched the show but I really dig the board game. It's a traitor game so it's kinda like a coop in a way.

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    Power Grid is a great game. So is Legendary. Our new favorite is Spector Ops, highly recommended

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    Alien Frontiers - one of my absolute favorite games.

    Combine the worker placement of Lords of Waterdeep with some dice rolling and area control - in this case, the dice themselves are the workers, and the combinations that you roll are the creative confines that you have to operate within to gather resources, get more dice, land colonies on the planet, etc. The base game is excellent on its own, though there are expansions. The components are wonderful and everything has it's own little tuckbox. It is a fantastic game.

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    I pulled the trigger on a copy of the Marvel Legendary base game and I was also lucky enough to find a copy of the discontinued Fantastic Four expansion in my LGS for around RRP!

    But that still leaves a little under half my budget left, so please keep the suggestions coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    Alien Frontiers - one of my absolute favorite games.
    Great game. Definitely in my top 10.

    Dead of Winter (has a 2 player variant that I haven't tried yet, but sounds interesting)
    Small World
    Five Tribes
    Lord of the Rings LCG

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    A couple of 2 player only games that my wife and I really enjoy:

    Fungi (or Morels, fungi is the newer edition)
    Mr. Jack

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