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Thread: Been away, what do I need to know, Help be get back into the site.

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    Been away, what do I need to know, Help be get back into the site.

    Hi everyone,

    This is a weird post, but I have not been on the site in about a month. I had in order a friend pass away suddenly and then mouth surgery, and bronchitis that was so bad I was almost hospitalized. I have not looked at a post in a while, and I have not played in weeks. I know we are 11 days from AOU, but some suggestions on what I should be checking out on the site would really be great.


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    Glad to have you back (and in better health!)

    I'd probably just go to the front page, that is most of the main highlights. There were some Wizkids Rules Forums posts a bit ago, and we just got some images for Amazing Spider-Man, but I don't remember anything else as major from the last few weeks.

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    Welcome back. Sorry about your loss. If you need to vent my inbox is always open.

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    Welcome back! There has been a lot of online lately. It would be awesome to have you be a part of it.

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    Welcome back @Vapedaveb , sorry to hear about your loss and I hope you are recovering ok. The spider-man preview page is a fun one to go through. And be on the look out for all the AoU goodness coming your way!

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