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Thread: Question about Dracolich - Paragon Undead

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    Question about Dracolich - Paragon Undead

    His ability says: While active, your opponent takes one damage each time either player rolls (but not rerolls) an action die.

    So, suppose it's my turn, and I draw 2 action dice and 2 NPCs. I roll all 4 dice. I then choose to reroll only 1 of the action dice.

    Do I do 2 damage to my opponent, or only 1 damage (because I rerolled 1 of the action dice)?

    I'm not a grammar expert, but I feel like you could argue for both interpretations.

    Which one is right?

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    You rolled two action dice. He deals two damage. He does not do a 3rd damage when you re-roll one.

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    But is one damage from the original roll negated because I rerolled it?

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    Nope, not negated by reroll. The emphasis is on not being able to do additional damage just by rerolling action dice.

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    With the Dracolich's ability, does "roll" mean just the action dice rolled in the "Roll and Reroll Step", or does it include rolling dice in other steps too? (like when you roll action dice using the rare Elf Wizard, etc...)

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    It counts anytime you roll an action die.

    It does not count again anytime you re-roll an action die.

    So if I rolled two action dice, and then re-rolled both of them, it would be 2 damage but not 4.

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    The Dracolich is an excellent counter (it helps) against Action heavy teams. Unfortunately, I don't own that version.

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