On July 4th, The Destination in Louisville, KY hosted "Thrifty Shades of Gray"... and it was a blast. The event was commons-only, and we had six players show up.

I used the "Behold! The League of Extraordinary Mutants!" team that I had posted recently on the Strategy forum. Admittedly, I had posted several Little Cup teams... but this is the one that I used:

My first game was against Logan. Logan, the non-writer-downer-of-exactly-which-characters-he-used. However, I do know that he was using Ant Man for cheap purchases to ramp up to Red Hulk. Also, he brought along Magneto - Archvillain. We were able to play 2 games in our allotted 45 minutes.

The first game, I was able to jump out to a quick lead using several Zatanna dice. An early roll of 5 let me purchase Batman. Logan was virtually unable to field any characters, so I jumped ahead to a 1-0 lead for the match in only 15 minutes.

Our second game was a bit hairier. He purchased and fielded Magneto early on. Since I did not have any villains on my team, Magneto got very big. I fielded Storm and used her ability to reroll him, but he went from level 2 to level 3. I was able to keep him blocked with sidekicks and Storms, but every time I fielded her I was unable to send Magneto to used. I purchased Cerebro and put it on Storm to make sure to at least remove one character per fielding. He was able, though, to clear my field with a well timed Imprisioned Basic Action, and swung HARD. Batman let me recoup some of my life, and we ended with a 12-12 tie. The TO declared that there would be a roll-off to determine the result of that game and, if needed, another roll-off for the match.

I won the first roll-off, and started my day 1-0.

Game two was against Nick, who is a new player to our events. He brought a very balanced team:

I saw the Starburst candy-like dice for Prismatic Spray, and knew that this would play some havoc with my PXG. I started my normal play buying Zatanna and Beast, while he was purchasing Jars and Prismatic Sprays using his Red Dragon's global. I absorbed a few early pings, and was unable to get much use from my Professor X Global due to lack of masks. Unfortunately, this lack of early PXG set the tone, as Nick was able to interrupt my ramp in the later game with Prismatic Spray.

I soldiered forth, however, and purchased Batman to try and recover some of my life. My opponent responded by purchasing Punisher after Punisher. When McRooks started hitting the table and attacking, I had no choice but to pay 2 life to keep from losing more. I was able to get Cerebro on Storm again, but was unable to get Nick to roll anything but die faces limiting my removal to one per fielding.

The game was very close when the TO gave the five minute warning. I had an opportunity to win when I cleared all of his blockers, but was only able to knock him down to 1 life. Since I only had two life remaining, he was able to field three Punishers (Punishi?) and finish me off. We didn't have time for a second game, so he got the well earned victory in what may be the most tense game I have yet played.

For my final match I played Ken who, while I normally play him at all of our monthly D&D Attack Wing events, I'm not sure I have faced in Dice Masters. Ken was rocking the all-D&D team, which featured Zombies and (Anti) Paladins.

Ken's Zombies started attacking early... and kept attacking. The horde grew quickly, and the Paladin was providing some cover. I was able to get my PXG working this time, and was able to (FINALLY) purchase my Beholder. In both games we played, the Beholder was the difference maker. This time, I DID try something different as well. I played Cerebro on Beast, and used Ken's Magic Missile to KO Beast and keep refielding him for Zombie removal. I was extremely lucky with some rolls, and that allowed me to finish the day 2-1.

Nick did end up winning the tournament, going 2-1 as well (losing to Logan) but winning on strength of opponent and damage dealt. I took home 2nd, and a swank She-Hulk Avengers Disassembled card for my efforts. It was a great tournament, and a good turn out for a holiday event.

I learned a valuable lesson about sticking to your strategy. That's something that, even though I had heard it preached before, I had to learn on my own. My mutants weren't especially extraordinary, and there wasn't much beholding... but they were a league. And that was good enough for a good time.