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Thread: Critique my first build

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    Critique my first build

    Have had some trouble beating villains, but didn't want to make something with a narrow focus in response. So, this is my controlish build to deal with a broad range of decks.

    The idea is to force attacks that they don't want to make with Phoenix. Answer those with Hulk and Beast. Use Hawkman as an attacker. Prismatic Spray can turn off retaliation effects. Polymorph keeps the characters with the bursts up when needed. Magic Missile to activate Hulk, and to remove sidekicks. Deadman can shut down some swarms, ie a wall of cheetahs. Human Torch to keep steady damage while fielding the beasts and hawkmans.

    *Don't have BEWD, Gobby, Tsarina...

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    Here's my judgment:

    • Deadman is rubbish. A 5-cost character with awful stats to shut down a single die? No... If you absolutely insist on running character control, at least use something like Joker/Loki instead.
    • Hawkman is a worse version of Cheetah. Use her instead. Not only will she guarantee damage, but she also messes with things like Villainous Pact or Doctor Doom - Victor.
    • Phoenix is a bad call if you're not going to protect yourself from her global. Bring along something like Human Paladin or Lord of D. Ring or don't bring her (especially with characters like Human Torch, Deadman, or Beast on your roster)
    • Prismatic Spray is a much less potent option if you're bringing PXG. It's best feature is that it messes with your opponent's PXG ramp and not yours. If you are going to bring it, ditch PXG and substitute something like Kobolds or Lord of D. Ring.

    You've got a bit of chaff and some characters that work really well together. Focus the team a bit more and you'll have a powerful build. You don't need the OP's to at least be competitive, so fill in the holes and you should be ready for your next match.

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    I'd agree with Necro on a lot of his points. the Cheetah for Hawkman switch, you don't want to answer forced attacks with Hawkman. Perhaps Mr. fantastic for the taunt with your low cost beasts providing masks. If you want to go Phoenix, consider using Redd instead. If you buy her she is the better one to have fielded.

    Joker/Loki is a better fit for targeted removal, but I like the human paladin to protect yourself from globals including your own . If you replace PXG because you want to keep prismatic spray, consider another way to ramp. Maybe kobold swarm to go with Johnny is your better option, I love the way Johnny Swarm works together.

    Good luck, play around with it and see how it performs.

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    Awesome. Thank you all so much for your input. I have a version 2 below, but I also have a question.

    Why is Joker better than Deadman? They have the same stats, and similar abilities. Deadman's almost seems better, since it doesn't have to be a pre-emptive control play. I'm not arguing mind you, just curious.

    So version 2:

    Punisher replaced Hawkman. I like Cheetah, but that's what I've currently been losing too, so I wanted to consider different options. If Cheetah is miles ahead of Punisher, I can make that change. I decided to keep PXG and get rid of Prismatic Spray. Lord of D.Ring was swapped in, and the change made to Phoenix.

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    This is a great team!

    Punisher is slightly worse than Cheetah because he can't really take a hit and he's more expensive to get back onto the field, but he's still pretty useful. My one worry is that you don't have any good turn one buys if you only get one mask for PXG. Cheetah being a 3-cost works because she allows you to make a purchase and keep a mask, whereas Punisher takes up all of your energy.

    As for why Joker is stronger than Deadman, it's because he targets the whole character and deals with characters that want to sit on the board whereas Deadman does not. You may not have realized, but Deadman only targets a single character die, not all the iterations of that character. The upside to that is that you can split your choices of dice between however many Deadman dice you field, but it's less useful in that it's a 1:1 ratio. Joker keeps an entire set of character dice from being fielded. This hurts characters like Human Torch or Hulk who don't really need to attack in order to be effective. Deadman simply doesn't cut the mustard in comparison, especially when a single BEWD global (very common these days) is enough to negate his effect entirely until he is re-fieled.

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    What about swapping the Human Torch with ? This would give a 1 turn buy, and maybe open up for some late game damage with Hulk or Phoenix. With that addition, I think I could also swap out magic missile for Relentless.

    Not sure if that dilutes the controlish aspect that the deck started with...

    Also, thanks for the clarification on Joker v Deadman. I had misread the card, and thought he would wipe out ALL of the dice, not just a single. So thanks.

    *edit, added a couple thoughts

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    I really like Black Manta for that slot:

    Cheap character with a defensive body? Check.
    Villain to counter Villainous Pact? Check.
    Low-cost non- energy for bad rolls? Check.
    Additional burn damage? Check.
    Counter to Cheetah? Check.

    He ticks off all the boxes and makes a good base to slap in the face to someone trying to Cheetah burn you without wasting masks on distraction. Very nice choice!

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    I like Black Manta as your choice here. I am partial to being a fan of Lord of D ring also. A great combo that will slow down so much from your opponent and if they have not lined up against it before, it will throw them off quite a bit. If you go with trying to get it out early, remember if you get the ring before Lord of D, you can put the ring on a SK and Magic missile him if you need to to send both the SK and the ring to KO and prep, allowing you to try to re roll it the next turn.

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