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Thread: Vibe - Formerly Hardline and Hawkeye - Br'er Hawkeye

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    Vibe - Formerly Hardline and Hawkeye - Br'er Hawkeye

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have an interesting question that I asked Dice Anon and they weren't sure. I have submitted this to wizkids but it could be months before we see an answer, so I thought you guys may want to give it some thought.

    Vibe- Formerly Hardline's ability states that while he is active, anytime an opposing character is spun up or down, he deals them 2 damage. Hawkeye - Br'er Hawkeye, Black Widow - killer Instinct, and Blade Knight - Solo Act (I could be wrong on which blade knight) state that any character damaged by them is spun down to level 1.

    The question is if they spin down a level 3 character to level 1 and Vibe is active on the field, does Vibe deal that character 2 or 4 damage?

    Some games, this would be 2 and others it would be 4. I am completely on the fence on how this should be ruled, as it is a case that will only come up in a few games if ever; but if it is 4 damage...

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    I personally would rule it as one instance of spinning, not two. The wording on vibe says each time, and Hawkeye, Widow Natural, et al. All say spin as if it were a singular event. Maybe I am just reading it that way, but that is how I would rule.

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    I agree with @Shadowmeld . Spinning down one level and spinning down to level one are both instances of "spinning down".

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    Shadowmeld, I see your point, but there is also other games where this situation would be the opposite, which is why I am on the fence and Dice Anon shockingly enough. I have been able to avoid this debate at an actual event but if my spin team becomes my favorite, this will eventually become a problem.

    Though to be fair, I do have a feeling that it will be ruled spun down to level 1 from level 3 counts as one spin down. This is a slight feeling though.

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    That Vibe is fun though...I just wish his ability did one damage to the opponent instead of character.

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    It's one spin, I agree with the others. The trigger is when spun, independent of the level.

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