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Thread: Arena of the Planeswalkers - THUMBS UP!

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    Arena of the Planeswalkers - THUMBS UP!

    This game is exactly what I wanted! Can't wait for the inevitable expansions!

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    Have you played it yet? It sold out before I could get an early copy so now waiting till august.

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    I haven't played it but the rules are pretty straightforward, especially if you know Scape. I have it set up and ready to play. What did you want to know?

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    Wow, that's significantly cheaper than I expected.

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    Ken, the squads are unique just like in the Scape starters.

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    Thanks for making sure I knew that. I ordered two to make sure I've got an extra copy for prize purposes at Heroscapers. Just covering my bases on the off chance it sells out quickly!

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    Ah, excellent. It's been a long time since I lurked over at Heroscapers. I should come back over.

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